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BIG Time Wasters in Walt Disney World

Managing your time in Walt Disney World is key to having a successful Walt Disney World vacation.  When planning your Walt Disney World vacation you won’t want to waste your time on things that aren’t productive or helpful to have fun on your vacation.

Take a look at these big-time wasters in Walt Disney World so you can determine if these things will be time-wasters for your family or if they are something that will add to your vacation.


Not all attractions are created equal in Walt Disney World.  There are some attractions that although they are still a part of the Disney magic, aren’t ones that we would prioritize during our trip.

In Magic Kingdom, a few of the attractions that might be considered a waste of time are Swiss Family Treehouse and the Tomorrowland Speedway.

These attractions take some time to experience and with all the other attractions in Magic Kingdom, we wouldn’t recommend taking time to stop and experience these two rides.

Also think about if waiting in a long hour-plus line for a ride such as Peter Pan’s Flight a ride that is under a minute long is worth it.  Even though we think that some rides are worth waiting in line for such as Rise of the Resistance in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, other rides aren’t going to be on that list.

Really take some time to learn about the rides in Walt Disney World to help yourself determine if a specific attraction will be a time-waster during your vacation.  We have the rides we always skip HERE if you are looking for suggestions.



That’s right coffee is a big-time waster in Walt Disney World.  When we visited over spring break this year, so far the busiest week Disney has seen to date, the longest lines were the Starbucks lines.

We get it that coffee is an essential part of your morning routine; however, do not waste those precious moments in the mornings waiting in line for a Starbucks order.

If you really need coffee to get your day started, Disney has coffee in all of their hotel rooms or you could mobile from the quick-service location at your Disney Resort or you could flex and try Joffrey’s Coffee instead of Starbucks as their lines are typically a lot shorter.

For those of you that are huge coffee fans, head into your vacation with a plan so you don’t waste time standing in line for coffee when you could be riding rides with lower wait times.

credit: Disney

Waiting for Parades/Fireworks

We highly recommend taking time to experience the nighttime shows of Harmonious, Disney Enchantment, and hopefully, soon Fantasmic; however, we don’t recommend finding a spot hours before they start.

There are a lot of reasons why we don’t think it is necessary to spend hours waiting for these shows.  First, there are so many amazing spots to watch that finding the “perfect” spot isn’t necessary.  Yes, we understand that there are better spots such as in front of the castle vs Tomorrowland or in front of the main projections for Harmonious, but overall you will experience the magic of the show from anywhere.

If you are spending two hours sitting and waiting for the evening show to start, you are also not enjoying the other magical experiences in the Parks.  It is true that the nighttime shows are spectacular and you don’t want to miss them, but don’t miss out on other rides and shows because you are sitting and playing with your phone for two hours before it starts.

Finally, know that even if you find the perfect spot chances are that someone will probably step in front of you or maneuver their kids onto their shoulders during the show.  Although this is super frustrating, it is something that happens.  Again, we don’t think taking hours to find the perfect spot is key.

For those that want to have a good spot, think about investing in a dessert party for the fireworks that will give you a designated area to watch from.

festival of fantasy
Credit: Disney

We have the same belief when it comes to the Festival of Fantasy parade at Magic Kingdom.  We are thrilled that the afternoon parade is back; however, we don’t think you need to be ready an hour before it starts to see it.  We have stepped off a ride and been able to catch the parade just fine.  There is also a Genie+ option if you are wanting a roped-off area.

WaltDisneyWorld Bus
credit: Disney Tips

Park Hopping

Since Park Hopping (moving between the four Walt Disney World Parks) has returned, Guests who have this feature on their Walt Disney World ticket can only do so after 2 pm.  Because of this new restriction, many believe that Park Hopping is a waste of time.

We think that Guests really need to think through this feature to determine if it is something that would work with their touring plan or not.  It does take some time and effort to hop from Park to Park which is time away from enjoying the magic,

If you are one that heads back to your Walt Disney World Resort for an afternoon swim or rest, Park Hopping might make sense because you are already planning for that transportation time back and forth.

For those that stay at the Parks all day, Park Hopping might seem like a waste of time as it would be anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes out of your Park time.

Time is money when it comes to a Walt Disney World vacation and there are some big-time wasters that you will want to avoid when on vacation.  Be aware of these so you don’t waste any of your magical time when you don’t need to.

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