8 Of Our Favorite Quick Service Eats At Walt Disney World Resort

After any seasoned Disneygoer’s Walt Disney World vacation, he or she is bound to “entertain” friends with a deluge of comical anecdotes, a list of favorite rides, and a run-through of the resort’s amenities. This charming conversation usually ends with the following: “Oh yes, and the food was incredible–of course.” Food gets placed at the end of a Disneygoer’s tales because, for any experienced visitor, excellent food is simply a natural occurrence at Walt Disney World. Disney food is always fantastic, is always served by fantastic Cast Members, and is always very, very easy to find. To narrow it down for you, here are some of the best resources for great (and fast) food within the four main parks!

8) The Tortuga Tavern.

There are some places in Walt Disney World where the aesthetic can affect visitors’ appetites, and this is very true in the Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland. After riding everything from the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, you’re bound to be hungry for some simple and hearty adventuring food. At this tavern, almost everything on the menu involves “barbecue”, and finishing the meal with a traditional Chocolate Chip Cookie will make you feel more and more like Tom Sawyer!

7) The Trolley Car Cafe.

Any streetwise Disney traveler knows the value of an early morning, and this cafe has both the central location and the energizing drinks to get you started! With an impressive range of liquid offerings–as well as baked goods to accompany them–the Trolley Car Cafe can be a beacon of hope for anyone who is trying to start a busy Disney day in Hollywood Studios.

6) The Flame Tree Barbecue.

While this quick-service stop might not be as exotic as the previously mentioned Harambe market, it does have one offering that is stupendous in its simplicity: the turkey leg. Chomping on a turkey leg in the Animal Kingdom is certainly not a very animal-friendly activity–but it is a liberating experience for many a Disney visitor. If you’re looking to release your inner caveman, then grab a leg and appreciate one of the more inelegant forms of Disney magic.

5) The Studio Catering Co.

Hollywood Studios is tremendously authentic when it comes to the Hollywood theme, and this food stop is a perfect testament to that authenticity. With delicious Turkey and Cheese paninis, wraps, and festive salads, the Studio Catering Co. has plenty of expedient entrees to offer. After all, actors might need fast and filling lunches during filming–but so do visitors during their Disney vacations!

4) The Anandapur Ice Cream Truck.

Most Disney visitors can appreciate a Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar, but there are some times when regular old-fashioned ice cream is even better. This ice cream truck can seem like a lifesaver on particularly humid days in the Animal Kingdom–and its beautiful painted artwork makes the Anandapur truck seem like a traveling canvas, too!

3) The Harambe Market.

In the Animal Kingdom, every architectural detail, every musician, and every animal are all reminding visitors of Africa or Asia. It makes sense, then, that these unique elements also transfer into cuisine, and this is particularly noticeable in the Harambe Market. In this collection of eateries, African foods are presented to visitors without any of the intimidation that might normally be caused by dietary exploration. Think of this marketplace as a place where you can try simplified versions of exciting, new foods–and enjoy!

2) Sommerfest.

Epcot’s World Showcase has plenty of delicious foods from plenty of wonderful countries–but Germany has some of the best signature dishes by far. Many visitors head to the Biergarten Restaurant for German cuisine, but if you’re short on time, Sommerfest offers some of the menu’s highlights–such as Bratwurst and Black Forest Cake–with the same charming setting.

1) Sleepy Hollow.

Where else can you find a completely unique–and surprisingly tranquil–view of a castle? And where else can you find both waffles and funnel cakes to satisfy every single sweet tooth? Hidden in the shadows of Cinderella’s castle, this eatery is one of the Magic Kingdom’s many treasures, offering visitors a new perspective of the park and some truly fantastic funnel cakes at the same time.

Before a Walt Disney World vacation, the amount of dining options within each of the four Disney parks can seem immensely overwhelming. That overwhelming feeling does not go away once your vacation begins; when you’re hot, distracted, and hungry, picking a quick-service meal will seem like a burdensome decision. However, with this list you can now approach your vacation without worry–and even if you do find yourself improvising, you can do so with the knowledge that Disney’s food will always be superb, whichever location you choose. Just avoid starting any diets right before the trip!

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