8 Experiences You Can’t Miss In Epcot’s Future World

The monorail doors slide open to the sounds of Disney’s classic safety spiel. Upon staying clear of the doors and exiting, you gaze upon the extravagant sight that is Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Epcot is often known for its world showcase, and events like the Food and Wine further promote it for this. However, Epcot has plenty of thrilling experiences upon entering the park’s future world. Here are eight experiences you just can’t miss!

8. Spaceship Earth

The very first attraction you will come across is located within the park’s iconic sphere. The giant golf ball actually contains a time-traveling omnimover that transports guests through the evolution of communication. Starting from the frigid caves of Neanderthals, travelers will journey from Ancient Rome to the modern world. At the end of the ride, you’ll be treated to a special surprise. So be sure to smile for the camera!

7. Ellen’s Energy Adventure

Located in Future World East, “Ellen’s Energy Adventure” is both a ride and movie. Guests join the famous talkshow host and voice of Dory from “Finding Nemo.” Ellen, along with Bill Nye the Science Guy, whisk guests away on an educational journey about every form of energy on the planet. This attraction is forty-five minutes long, so plan your viewing accordingly.

6. Mission Space

Right next to Ellen is “Mission Space.” This flight simulator was modeled after those in actual space training facilities, and delivers a pulse-pounding, realistic experience. Once you arrive, astronauts will ask if you would like orange intense, or green less intense training. Orange teams will be placed in a capsule that will spin to thirty miles per hour. This allows the craft to simulate two and a half g-forces, and create a realistic space launch. Green teams will not spin at all, and their capsule will simply rock back and forth. Both missions are identical in terms of simulation.

5. Test Track

Concluding your trip to Future World East, “Test Track” is ready for you to put the pedal to the metal. At this speedy attraction hosted by Chevrolet, you will get to design your own personal car. You will craft everything from its build, attachments, and colors. Once the designs are completed, you get to test your joyride on the track itself. Buckle up!

4. Character Spot

Located underneath the breezeway to Future World West, Epcot’s Character Spot is your destination for one of the best meet and greets on property. It is home to Goofy, Minnie Mouse, and the great Mickey Mouse himself. This site is a great photo opportunity for characters that have longer wait times in other parks.

3. The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Further back into Future World West, you will start to hear a familiar tune. The calming soundtracks of “Finding Nemo” bring you one step closer to the little clownfish and his friends. The ride is suitable for all ages, and seats two to three guests per shell. Those under the age of seven must be accompanied by an adult. Once onboard your clam-mobile, you’ll join Marlin and Dory on yet another journey to find Nemo. Complete with dazzling visuals and familiar fish faces this ride is most certainly a must do. This ride never has an extended wait time, so save your fast pass for another attraction.

2. Turtle Talk with Crush

From the moment you exit your clam-mobile, you will be welcomed into the famous Seabase. Disney’s Seabase is home to one of the largest aquariums in the world. As you veer left, you will find “Turtle Talk with Crush” a live, interactive show featuring everyone’s favorite surfer-talking turtle. Children may ask him questions, of which Crush will happily answer while joking around with his favorite humans. “Turtle Talk with Crush” is the second best show in all of Disney and the best in Epcot. The first is Animal Kingdom’s “Festival of the Lion King.”

1. Soarin

The most popular ride in all of Epcot, Soarin is a high-flying, hang-gliding adventure that takes guests over the beautiful land and cityscapes of California. Onboard, you will experience the sights, sounds, and even smells of the Golden State. Due to the elevation of this flight simulator, those with a fear of heights should not ride. As the most popular attraction, Soarin has boasted wait times ranging from two to three hours. This ride should be your fast pass priority from the moment you enter the park. You can even book ahead with the My Disney Experience app on your phone.

Epcot’s Future World is teeming with knowledge and wonder. Be sure to explore every one of its stellar experiences before venturing onward. Good luck, explorer!

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Michael J.

Michael is a former Disney cast member, online novelist, and aspiring author. He hopes to return to Walt Disney World and become an Imagineer on the writing team. He currently resides in Naples, Florida.

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