15 Fun Facts About Disney’s Goofy

4. Taller in Person

Any die-hard Disney fan knows all about the Disney Parks Character Meet and Greets, but only a certain few know the rigorous process of becoming character performers. The Disney casting agents go to great lengths to casting actors that are ideal for the roles. Crucial details are always a must, and this is no acceptation with Goofy. The Disney animators once described Goofy as uncommonly tall and sporting “size 18 and a half” shoes. With that information at hand, Disney made sure Goofy’s park persona would fit the bill. Currently, the minimum height requirement to play Goofy at the Disney parks is six feet, not to mention having to have some training to take on Goofy’s “18 and a half” size shoes. Kudos to the character actor talented enough, and tall enough, to bring Goofy to life. 


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