10 Ways To Get A Discount At Walt Disney World Resort

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10. Stay Longer

This may sound like a strange way to save money, but hear me out. First, if you’re flying, you may get better airfare by extending your stay to a week or more. Check your airline to see for sure. Secondly, the price per day of multi-day Disney passes goes down the more days you add. It can only be a few dollars difference to add a day to your trip. So you can actually pay less per day by making a longer visit. If you stay longer and get to do more you may be able to extend your time between Disney vacations, which will definitely save you money.

While a Disney Vacation is sure to be expensive, hopefully some of these ideas can help you save some money on your next vacation. Do some research at Disney Fanatic and on the WDW website to learn more about each way to save and see what will work best for your family. And the best part of saving big is that you can start planning your next visit all the sooner!

By Laurel


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