10 Little Items To Pack For Disney That’ll Improve Your Trip

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You probably have a good handle on the big things to pack for your Walt Disney World vacation…the clothes, the shoes, the strollers, the hats and sunscreen. But here are some little details that you may want to consider packing (or wearing…ahem #6) that could totally change your Disney game…

10. Poncho – Have you heard about the Florida weather? Well, there’s basically a chance for short rain showers every single day. In the (highly likely) event that you get caught in some rain, you don’t want to just tough it out (wet clothes are yucky) and you don’t want to buy the ponchos in the parks either (super expensive). Instead, visit your local Dollar Store before you go and have rain insurance that only takes up the space of a Kleenex pack.

9. Pennies and Quarters – Even though most everything takes credit cards these days, you’ll still want to pack some change. Specifically you’ll want pennies and quarters for the pressed penny machines. Even if you’re not an avid collector, it’s fun to at least have the option of getting one if it strikes your fancy. Plus if you have small children, a pressed penny is an easy way of re-igniting magical attitudes should the mid-afternoon grumpies strike.

8. Snacks – Some people don’t realize this, but outside food is totally allowed in Disney parks. And while you may have certain park snacks and meals on your must-do list, I’d still recommend packing a few granola bars or something. After all, there’s no way to grab a Mickey Bar if you’re in a ride line when hunger strikes.

7. Gum – If you’re an avid gum-chewer, make sure to bring your own when visiting Disney parks. They don’t sell gum inside, probably for sanitary reasons. (So be sure to dispose of your gum responsibly!)

6. Big Pockets – Once upon a time there was a girl who wore athletic shorts to Disney. Then she regretted it. The end. This tip is totally up to personal preference of course, but I’ve learned that I prefer to wear shorts with pockets big enough to hold my cell phone. Yes, I always have a cross-body bag with me, but most of the time I want my phone handy to catch a candid pic of my kids or to check a wait time on the My Disney Experience app. Your call, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. 😉

5. Game apps – Don’t forget to “pack” your phone with fun apps to keep your crew entertained while waiting in long lines. Apps that keep you interacting with each other are the best. For instance, there are lots of Disney trivia apps that kids and adults can enjoy playing together. Also, Disney Charades or Headbands are great interactive apps that can help pass the time and keep you laughing.

4. Bandaids – Yes, there are first-aid stations in the parks that are equipped with everything you’d need for injuries. But why waste time finding one for a simple scrape or blister? After being caught without a few times, bandaids are a non-negotiable in my park bag now. Also, if you have small children, consider writing your phone number on a bandaid, sticking it on their upper arm, and teaching them to show it to a cast member if you get separated. Hopefully it would never come to that, but a bandaid could end up being your best safety device.

3. Travel Wipes – Those park snacks are oh-so-yummy, but they can leave your fingers oh-so-sticky. And sometimes a stack of dry napkins just isn’t gonna cut it. Keeping a travel pack of antibacterial wipes has saved me from chocolatey child goobers numerous times when a sink has been out of reach.

2. Disney Visa – If you’re a Disney Visa cardmember, don’t leave home without it! Not only do you earn extra points in the parks, you also get access to special meet ‘n’ greets in Epcot and Hollywood Studios. PS – If you’re not a cardmember, it’s totally worth it…I’ve paid for an entire Christmas of Disney presents with the points!

1. Water Bottle – Don’t let yourself get dehydrated! Pack a reusable water bottle and keep filling it often! Counter service restaurants will give you cups of ice water for free. In the hottest months there are even ice water stations set up outside the restaurants so you don’t have to wait in line at all. The heat is no joke, people – drink up!

So there are ten little items that could totally improve your Disney visit. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference! You may also like top “10 Packing Guide For Disney Rookies.”

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