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You Might Be a “Real- Life” Disney Princess (With a Twist)!

A fan recently asserted that three specific zodiac signs were real-life Disney princesses: here are the three!

Oftentimes, fans from all around the world are constantly looking for more ways to really bring home and celebrate their love for all things Disney. Sometimes, that’s through finding the perfect merchandise; other times, it’s through going to the Disney Parks and celebrating that.

However, a recent article claimed that some fans might already be Disney princesses… and it’s for a very specific reason.

For many, their favorite Disney character is a Disney princess. And with examples like Princess Tiana or Princess Jasmine, there’s no surprise as to why. But if you’ve ever wanted to embody your favorite Disney princess, there’s one way that you might be doing it!

Disney Princesses
Disney princesses / Credit: Disney

Three Zodiac Signs That Are Real-Life Disney Princesses (With a Twist)!

An article from Collective World recently shared the three zodiac signs that “With their seeming innocence, pure souls, beauty, feistiness, and charm…embody what it means to be a real life Disney princess – with a twist.”


On the zodiac sign that falls between September 23 and October 22, Libra, the article says, “With your pure soul, gentle spirit, and love for animals, you’re a real life Disney princess with a heart of gold. Your elegance and grace give you a subtle regality and all are drawn to your friendliness and glowing good looks.”

In addition, Librans also have a “generous nature and love for epic fairytale romance,” because of which the article places them in the “classic” Disney princess category. Librans are always ready to merge with their Prince Charming and claim their happy ending and true love.

At the same time, the article claims that due to the “strong cutoff game for suitors who try you,” Libra is one of the more feistier princesses.


This is the Disney princess zodiac with the most “oomph,” due to Sagittarius’s “beauty, charisma, rebelliousness, eternal optimism, and witty sense of humor.”

For those Disney Fanatics who are Sagittarians, the article believes, “You’re the type of princess that would run away from fairytale love in the search of her own adventures, only to begrudgingly fall into the arms of your true love.”

And finally, last but not least.



You’re the type of Disney princess who will coyly leave a glass slipper deliberately behind at the ball in the hopes Prince Charming comes a-knocking. You excel at all the traditional “duties” of a Disney princess while adding a theatrical flair to everything you do. 

True to Leo’s nature, and unsurprisingly, these signs are the third “real-life” Disney princesses. The sign that brings a certain vivacity and excitement to their life and adventures, “Your high vibration and “good vibes” mindset make you the Disney princess with the most stamina and enthusiasm for making her dreams come true.”

Are you a Leo, Sagittarius, or Libra? Do you agree with this list of Disney princess zodiac signs? Let us know in the comments!

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