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What to Know About Genie+ in 2024

This week, Walt Disney World announced a lot of exciting information about the coming year. We are thrilled with everything being promised and can’t wait to see what other surprises Walt Disney World has in store for us in 2024.

Not only did Walt Disney World announce that 2024 packages will become available May 31, we also were given a few other detailed information about the upcoming year.

Disney Dining Plan Logo
Credit: Disney

Disney Dining Plan

One of the most exciting facts is that the Disney Dining Plan will return in 2024. Many Guests loved being able to add this feature to their Walt Disney World Package. Disney has said that this option will be available in 2024.

Guests will choose from the Quick Service Dining Plan or the Disney Dining Plan, including a table-service experience. The dining plans are great for families to make their Walt Disney World vacation more all-inclusive. We look forward to seeing the prices for this option in 2024.

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Disney Genie
Disney Genie

Other Facts

Disney has also released other important information for the upcoming 2024 year in the Park. As you get more excited about your future trip, remember these facts.

Park Reservations will no longer be required with date-based tickets. This means you can once again head to whatever Park you want to for the day.

Guests staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel will continue to be able to enter the Disney Parks thirty minutes early in 2024. This is a huge perk and a great way to tour the Park with lower crowds.

Those staying at Deluxe and Deluxe Villa Resorts during their Walt Disney World vacation can enjoy extended evening hours throughout 2024. This allows these Guests to enjoy a specific Disney Park after it has closed to regular Park Guests. Again, a huge advantage and a fantastic way to experience the Park with low crowds.

Those are some significant updates that Disney released about 2024 at Walt Disney World earlier this week.

Disney Genie+
Credit: Disney

Genie+ Updates

The final update from Disney regarding 2024 at Walt Disney World revolved around Disney Genie, Genie+, and Individual Lightning Lanes. Many Guests have complained about being unable to plan when using these paid features. In Disney’s press release, they addressed this concern:

Simplifying the Disney Genie+ experience: We have heard from guests that they would like ways to plan with Disney Genie+ service and individual Lightning Lane selections before the day of their park visit, and we want you to know we are working on ways guests may do this for visits in 2024. Our goal is to allow you to spend less time planning in the park and more time enjoying your visit with friends and family. While we are not yet able to share specific details, we look forward to sharing more information at a later date.  

Although little information was provided about what simplifying Genie+ means, we are grateful that Disney is listening to the customers. We are playing for the feature; it would be nice to have more control of what rides we are experiencing and when we can experience them throughout our trip.

We are hopeful that Disney is looking into how Guests previously were able to book Fastpass+ reservations 60 days before their trip. This was an excellent way to know what rides you have locked in and plan dining and other experiences around those premade bookings.

Disney has already taken time to adjust Genie+ by adding a modification option. This was a huge upgrade. Guests can now adapt their selection (time and experience) by clicking a button. Previously, Guests had to cancel the whole experience before booking a new one which caused a lot of frustration and missed opportunities.

If you aren’t familiar with Genie+, let’s take time to break it down for you.

Credit: Disney

What is Genie+

Genie+ is a paid feature found within the My Disney Experience app. Guests who pay for Genie+ have access to Lightning Lanes throughout the four Disney Parks—these queues to rides, shows, and attractions are shorter than the standby lines.

By using Genie+. Guests can bypass the long standby lines in favor of the Lightning Lanes. This can save a tremendous amount of time throughout a Disney vacation.

Friends using Genie+ and riding remy's in epcot
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How Much is Genie+

Genie+ has date-based pricing, meaning it fluctuates daily based on the crowds. Starting price of Genie+ is $15/person/day. We have also seen it reach a peak price of $35 per person daily.

When and How Do I Purchase Genie+

Guests can purchase Genie+ starting at midnight. Although this isn’t always necessary (meaning don’t set the alarm), you will want to get it before 7:00 a.m. Genie+ is purchased via the My Disney Experience app.

credit: Disney

How Does It Work?

Once you pay for Genie+, you can make your first selection at 7:00 am. You will choose a specific ride, show, or attraction important to you and will be given an hour’s return time.

During that hour, you will head to your Genie+ experience, where you will tap in and be given access to the Lightning Lane. This will allow you that faster entrance onto the ride or a reserved spot at a show.

You can continue booking Genie+ reservations daily to bypass the standby lines.

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Even though the information about Genie+ is minimal, we are thrilled that Disney is considering making some adjustments. We look forward to finding out precisely what these will be moving forward.

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