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What to Eat and What to Skip at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has some of the best food options in Walt Disney World. Guests can find a variety of great food throughout this Disney Park. Although there are many great food options to try, there are also some that you will want to skip out on.

We will share what to eat and what to skip at Disney’s Animal Kingdom during your next Disney vacation. These will combine table service, quick service, and snacks.

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Snacks: What to Eat

There are a lot of great snacks throughout Disney’s Animal Kingdom. What makes the snacks great here is that they are unique. From sweet to savory, there are snacks for everyone.

For savory snacks, we have a few options. We enjoy the mac and cheese dishes at Eight Spoon Cafe. Here you can enjoy basic mac and cheese or choose a variety of toppings which are all fantastic.

Over in Asia, we love Mr. Kamal’s. This is where you can find hot fries with great dipping sauces. These are great snacks that you can grab on the go.

Our final savory snack is the corn on the cob over at the Harambe Market. Here you can get an ear of regular corn on the cob, but we recommend adding the excellent African seasoning.

Try the pongu lumpia over at Pongu Pongu in Pandora for a sweet treat. This sweet treat is pineapple in a warm wrap and cream cheese. This treat might be moved to your skip list if you aren’t a pineapple or cream cheese fan.

In Disney’s Animal Kingdom, savory snacks are our favorite.

Mickey Pretzel, Disney's Animal Kingdom
Credit: V Mills

Snacks: What to Skip

In Disney’s Animal Kingdom, there aren’t specific snacks that we would tell you to skip. We would ask you to skip the traditional Disney snacks for some of the more unique ones you can find at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Don’t pick the Mickey pretzel or Mickey ice cream bar when you can try out something different that you can only find in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Sautil Canteen

Quick-Service: What to Eat

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is known for outstanding quick-service dining locations.  We feel you can’t go wrong choosing two excellent options.  First up is Satu’li Canteen, located in Pandora. Here you can select from cheeseburger steamed pods and great bowls filled with protein, a base, and a sauce you choose. There are many options for making your bowl, and the food comes out fresh just for you.  This large dining location makes it easier to find a location to sit.

The other dining option we would recommend is Flame Tree Barbecue. Located on Discovery Island, Flame Tree Barbecue has delicious bbq options that provide large portions making it easy to share as a family.  Don’t skip out on the fries with bbq as well because they are delicious. Both of these locations provide excellent, fresh, unique, fantastic food choices.

Dinoland Boneyard

Quick Service: What to Skip

We would recommend skipping a couple of quick service locations at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. These two places are Pizzafari and Restaurantosaurus. We would recommend skipping these two temporary service locations because, once again, they are where you will find typical theme Park food.

If you want pizza, chicken nuggets, burgers, and Disney fries, you can stop by these two quick service locations during your Disney’s Animal Kingdom day. Instead of having more chicken nuggets, stop by Flame Tree Barbecue or Sat’uli Canteen for delicious and unique cuisine.

Table Service: What to Eat

There are fantastic table service options throughout Disney’s Animal Kingdom. You can enjoy everything from high-end, signature meals to fun character dining at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Which of these table service meals are worth visiting for dinner?

Our top option is Tiffins. This is a fine dining experience that you will be surprised to find within Disney Park. This signature dining location offers lunch and dinner with a menu with items you will be surprised to find in a theme Park. From the fantastic bread service that rivals the beloved Sanaa bread service to charred octopus and surf and turf options that bring flavor and beauty to the meal, there is so much outstanding here. As Tiffins is a signature meal, it does come with a price tag.

If you don’t want to take the time to enjoy signature dining during your Park day, then consider trying out Nomad Lounge next door. Here you can have a fantastic drink while enjoying some quick bites. Nomad Lounge gets busy, so get there early or join the waitlist.

Rainforest Cafe
Credit: Disney

Table Service: What to Skip

The main table-service restaurant we will suggest you skip at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is Rainforest Cafe. We would not spend our meal time at this restaurant because we can have the same experience at Disney Springs or a variety of other cities.

This dining experience isn’t unique to Disney, which is a big reason why we would skip it. Head to one of the individual table service locations at Disney’s Animal Kingdom instead.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has a lot of great options when it comes to excellent meals. Letting you know where and what you should skip during your day in the Park will help you determine what you want to eat.

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