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Top Disney Rides for Your Little One

Many Guests might think there isn’t anything for little ones to do at Walt Disney World. This isn’t the case at all. Walt Disney World is designed for kids, young and old so that everyone can have a magical time together.

We will share the top rides for your little ones in each of the four Disney Parks. Even the littlest Disney fan will enjoy these rides during their trip.

Dumbo Ride

Magic Kingdom

Let’s start with the iconic Magic Kingdom. There are so many fantastic rides in Magic Kingdom that little ones can enjoy. Magic Kingdom is always a top priority for Guests with little kids. With so much that everyone can do together, it is the perfect family Disney Park.

its a small world
Credit: Disney
it’s a small world- Fantasyland

Our first choice in Magic Kingdom might be one adult don’t care for, but it is perfect for little ones. The iconic it’s a small world is a top pick for little ones in Magic Kingdom. Where adults dislike the song, little kids love the music. They will also find the dolls’ colors and movement in each room fascinating.

Little ones will love watching all the different scenes and everything they have going on. With so much to look at, it’s a small world that is a perfect ride for little kids.

Ariel's Undersea Adventure
Photo Credit: Disney
Under the Sea- Voyage of the Little Mermaid- Fantasyland

In the back of Fantasyland, you will find Under the Sea- Voyage of the Little Mermaid, our second pick in Magic Kingdom for little ones. This ride is better for little ones than Peter Pan’s Flight because they can see more from the ride vehicle.

Although it is fun to fly over Neverland, it is hard for kids to see over the side of the ride vehicle. With the Little Mermaid ride, everyone is riding in a clamshell, and they can see everything in front of them. Again the music and the colors will be fascinating to little ones as they ride through this beloved story.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant- Storybook Circus

Although this ride is more for the parents than the kids, Dumbo the Flying Elephant is still a good choice for little ones. The new play area makes it even more appealing, as little ones can run around while parents rest. Depending on your little one, they will enjoy making Dumbo go up and down throughout the flight.

There are many more options in Magic Kingdom for little ones to enjoy, but those would be our top picks.

Disney Animal Kingdom
Credit: Jennifer Retzlaff

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

There are two rides that we would focus on for little ones to enjoy at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Credit: Disney
Kilimanjaro Safari- Africa

Kids love animals, and seeing them roaming around on the savanna and up close to the jeep is fantastic. Little ones will love seeing giraffes, zebras, rhinos, elephants, and many more animals as they enjoy their safari ride. A quick side note is that kids must remain seated throughout the ride. So if you have little ones, consider the best place for them to be able to see during the ride.

Credit: Disney Tips
Na’vi River Journey- Pandora

Although this ride leaves a lot of adults confused, little ones seem to love it. The combination of a boat ride and the fantastic lights throughout keeps little ones amazed during the ride. There is a lot to see which little ones love during a ride.

Those are the two main rides that little ones would enjoy during their visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. They would also enjoy many shows and trails, so keep that in mind as you plan your day in this Disney Park.

Credit: Disney


There are a handful of rides that little ones can enjoy at EPCOT now.

Sven tongue frozen

Frozen Ever After- Norway

Over in Norway, little ones will enjoy the boat ride through the beloved story of Frozen. From seeing Sven and Olaf to hearing some of their favorite songs during the ride, little ones will find this ride fun and exciting.

Seas with Nemo and Friends
Credit: Disney
The Seas with Nemo and Friends- The Seas Pavilion

Little kids will love seeing their favorite friends from Finding Nemo during this ride. Ride in another clamshell as you work to find Nemo along with Dory and Marlin. Come across sharks, sea turtles, and so much more during this adventure. We also love how the ride uses the EPCOT aquariums, putting Nemo right into the Park with us.

Take time afterward to enjoy the aquarium itself. Kids will love exploring all the different areas.

Kids at Remy's in Epcot

Remy’s Ratotulie Adventure- France Pavilion

The newest ride in EPCOT that everyone can enjoy together is Reny’s Ratotoulie Adventure. Travel through the kitchen with Remy as he tries to stay out of trouble. The only issue with this ride might be the 3D glasses that are used. Little ones might not like having to wear those during the ride.

Being the Disney Park that many Guests think little ones won’t like, there is a lot for them to explore.

chinese theater in

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This is the more challenging Disney Park for younger kids when focusing on ride experiences.

Credit: Disney
Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway

This is the primary family-friendly experience in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Little ones will love seeing Mickey and his friends come to life before them on this exciting ride. Some little ones find this ride too intense, so possibly watch a ride-through video before deciding to take your little one on it.

toy story mania

Toy Story Mania

Our final suggestion for Disney’s Hollywood Studios is Toy Story Mania. Although little ones might not be able to use the control easily, they will still have fun seeing their favorite Toy Story characters throughout the ride.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is hard when it comes to rides for little ones. There are a handful of shows, but limited ride experiences for them.

Those are some top rides that little ones can enjoy throughout the four Disney Parks. There are great experiences for the whole family at Walt Disney World.




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