Top 10 Differences Between Disney World and Disneyland

Walt Disney World sign

4. Number of Theme Parks

The Disneyland Resort houses 2 parks: Disneyland Park and California Adventure. Walt Disney World is home to The Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kinddom. If your wondering if there might be any similarities, there are, but they are limited. Even those attractions sharing the same name offer different experiences in each location. For example, Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland Park is a longer version offering more drops than its counterpart at Magic Kingdom. Fantasmic is shown at Disneyland Park and Hollywood Studios, but the shows are dramatically different. Do your research, if you’ve been dying to ride Radiator Spring Racers, you’ll only find that at California Adventure. On the other hand, if you dream vacation means a ride with The Seven Dwarfs then Walt Disney World is where you need to be.



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