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Disney Unveils Jaw-Dropping New Free-Roaming Animatronic

Disney has unveiled a new free-roaming animatronic that will be hanging out at one of its Disney Resorts worldwide.

The Shanghai Disney Resort castle inside the park.
Credit: Disney

Disney Reveals New Free-Roaming ‘Zootopia’ Animatronic

Shanghai Disney Resort recently opened a new land based on the beloved animated movie Zootopia (2016). Zootopia, also known as the City of Zootopia, is a Zootopia-themed land area at Shanghai Disneyland. It is the world’s first zone to be themed after the 2016 animated film of the same name. The land will open to the public on December 20, 2023, which happens today in terms of the location timezone.

Zootopia is Shanghai Disneyland’s eighth themed land and the second major expansion since the park’s grand opening in 2016. The main attraction in the land is Zootopia: Hot Pursuit, which uses a combination of leading technologies.

A Disney Parks blog post described the immersive new land as follows:

Prepare to step into the vibrant city atmosphere of Zootopia like never before with storefronts along the streets that tell a unique story. Stroll by the Beaver Dentist, where you can listen to the sounds of patients having their teeth worked on through the window. At the Hibernation Hotel, a modern “pod” style hotel where Zootopia’s bears and other residents hibernate, you can even hear them snoring from their cavernous rooms. Don’t miss the Arctic Spa, specially designed for the polar bears, where you might overhear Mr. Big’s henchmen humorously discussing their plans to attend tonight’s Zootopia Day Concert.

But Disney pulled out a huge surprise when they announced and showcased a brand-new free-roaming animatronic that will blow the minds of all guests.

The Disney characters posing in front of the shanghai disney resort castle in China.
Credit: Disney

New ‘Zootopia’ Animatronic Captures the Magic of Disney

My News 13 reporter and journalist Ashley Carter recently posted to social media a video clip from the official Disney Shanghai Resort grand opening celebration presentation, where Chairperson of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Josh D’Amaro presented the new Zootopia Land free-roaming animatronic.

During a presentation to celebrate the opening of Zootopia land at Shanghai Disney Resort, a roaming Duke Weaselton animatronic joined Disney Experiences chairman Josh D’Amaro on stage.

The new free-roaming animatronic is Duke Weaselton, one of Zootopia‘s antagonists. Duke Weaselton is a small-time weasel crook who sells bootleg movies. He runs a DVD stand and throws DVDs at enemies. The animated character is voiced and brought to life by Alan Tudyk, who’s said other Disney IP characters, including Rogue One‘s loveable droid K-2SO and, most recently, Iago in Disney’s live-action film Alladin (2019).

Dustin Schofield, a Walt Disney Imagineer, was able to bring this character to life in an incredible way where it will be able to interact and roam freely around the Shanghai Disney Resort park where Zootopia Land is currently open.

A Disney insider and journalist, Scott Gustin, also shared footage of the new free-roaming animatronic via social media.

This special Walt Disney Imagineering Research & Development project was created for the opening event. The robotic character is not currently scheduled to make appearances in the new land. Here’s Duke chatting with Josh D’Amaro, Chairman of Disney Experiences.

concept art for zootopia at shanghai disneyland
Credit: Disney

Shanghai Disney Resort Explained

Shanghai Disney Resort, located in Pudong, Shanghai, is a remarkable destination that seamlessly blends Disney’s enchantment with Chinese culture. Officially opened in June 2016, it represents Disney’s first venture into mainland China and has become a captivating symbol of magical entertainment on an international scale.

The resort encompasses two main components: Shanghai Disneyland Park and the resort’s recreational area, Disneytown. Shanghai Disneyland Park is a sprawling, innovative theme park featuring six themed lands, including Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and Adventure Isle. It boasts unique attractions such as the TRON Lightcycle Power Run and the Enchanted Storybook Castle, the largest and most intricate Disney castle to date.

Complementing the park, Disneytown is a vibrant district that offers diverse dining, shopping, and entertainment experiences. Visitors can explore various dining options, from international cuisines to local flavors, and indulge in shopping for Disney merchandise and exclusive Chinese cultural products.

Shanghai Disney Resort is not just a theme park; it’s a cultural phenomenon that celebrates the synergy of Disney magic and Chinese traditions. The resort’s design seamlessly incorporates elements of Feng Shui, creating an immersive and harmonious environment. With its continuous commitment to innovation and cultural integration, Shanghai Disney Resort is a testament to Disney’s ability to create magical experiences that resonate with audiences worldwide.

This post is originally appeared on Inside the Magic.

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