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Places to Escape the Crowds in Disney

With spring break coming soon we know that crowds will start to increase in Walt Disney World.  We have a post that talks about how to avoid crowds HERE, but we wanted to take some time to provide some ways to get out of the crowds within the four Theme Parks.

MK Entrance Crowd

If you aren’t wanting to leave the Park, but are needing a quiet moment, each Disney Park offers a few areas that can do just that.  We hope that you will add these to your notes so you are able to step away from the crowds when needed on your Walt Disney World vacation.

Magic Kingdom

The Disney Park that seems to see the highest crowd levels is the iconic Magic Kingdom.  It can be a lot to deal with when Main Street, U.S.A. is wall to wall with people or you can’t even move in Fantasyland.

Don’t worry though.  Even Magic Kingdom has a few hidden places that can get you away from those high crowds that show up midday.

carousel of progress
Credit: Disney

Over in Tomorrowland, consider taking a ride on the Carousel of Progress.  This classic Disney ride that was part of the World’s Fair takes Guests on a 20 minute journey through different decades.  In each scene Guests are shown what new technologies were discovered and how those helped create a “great big beautiful tomorrow.”

No matter how you feel about this ride, it is a great way to get out of the crowd as it typically never has a long line and since it is 20 minutes long, it is a true break for your feet and allows you to reset.

The Hall of Presidents is another great option within the Magic Kingdom for getting away from the crowds.  This 25 minute show featuring all of America’s presidents past and present not only is a wonderful look at America’s history but it also is a good choice for getting away from the crowd.

Like Carousel of Progress, the Hall of Presidents typically doesn’t have a long wait allowing you to quickly get off your feet and take some time to relax.

Finally, Tom Sawyer’s Island is another location within the Magic Kingdom that can offer an escape from the crowds.  Board the raft to get to the island and then enjoy some exploring or find a spot to sit and enjoy the views.

There are so many hidden areas on the island that it is the perfect spot to escape to during those busy Magic Kingdom days.

EPCOT Garden
Credit: Disney


One of the wonderful things about EPCOT is that it offers so many amazing locations to sit and breathe in your surroundings.  All throughout the World Showcase there are fantastic hidden resting places, displays and shops that can keep Guests in the magic without being in the crowds.

A few of our favorites are found in the Canada Pavilion up on the second level where you can find a beautiful waterfall.  Back in the Japan Pavilion there is a calming pond that you can sit around.  We also love the gardens found in the back of the UK Pavilion.

Each of these locations we have found to be relaxing and away from the crowds.  If you take time to explore, each country throughout the World Showcase has something special to offer and hidden gems to find.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is probably the hardest Disney Park to find a place to escape the crowds.  With the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the crowds seem to be constant making it  a challenge to find a quiet place.

Star Wars Launch Bay is one area that seems to have fewer people since the opening of Galaxy’s Edge.  This is a fun place to see some of the great props from the Star Wars movies.  Guests can find a quiet place to relax as well if they need some time away from the crowds.

Walt Disney Presents is another quiet location within Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Here Guests can enjoy seeing how Walt’s dream became a reality as they walk through the history of the Disney Parks as well as get a glimpse at what is to come in the future.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

There are a variety of different areas throughout Disney’s Animal Kingdom that Guests can enjoy some quiet time away from the crowds.

The first option is the trails that are offered.  There are three major trails in Disneys’ Animal Kingdom each offering Guests the chance to explore at their own pace.  Discovery Trails take Guests around the beautiful Tree of Life providing up close looks at the different animals that are carved into the tree.

Gorilla Exploration Trail
Credit: Disney

Gorilla Exploration Trail provides Guests a look at a variety of different animals including the gorillas.  This is a fun trail to explore and it is always exciting to see the gorillas out and playing around.

Jungle Trek
Credit: Disney

Finally, the Maharajah Jungle Trek is a trail that allows Guests to see the beautiful tigers and other animals.   Like with the gorillas, this trail allows Guests to explore at their own pace.

For another quiet location, consider taking the train back to Rafiki’s Planet Watch.  Guests can enjoy petting some animals, draw their favorite character and see Disney’s care team at work.  Many Guests don’t know about this hidden gem to take advantage.

Even if crowds continue to grow at the Disney Parks, there are some amazing locations that offer an escape from the crowds while staying in the magic.

We hope that this helps you have a plan on how you will take time away from the crowds during your next Disney vacation.

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