What Are You NOT Allowed To Wear At A Disney Theme Park?

Disney Parks’ website recommends that you wear casual, climate-appropriate clothes and comfortable walking shoes when you head to a Disney World park. It’s a family-oriented environment, and therefore they reserve the right to actually ban entry to anyone wearing something that may compromise other guests’ wholesome experience. That leaves a lot of gray area, of course, but common sense and the following rules should help you choose your park outfit…

1. No Costumes – Unless you are under the age of 14, you may not wear costumes to Disney parks. The only exception to this rule is Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, during which teens and adults are encouraged to dress up. Notice that children are allowed to dress up anytime, so go ahead and pack those princess dresses and pirate costumes. Masks and clothing that drags on the ground are out of the question though, most likely for safety reasons. (Masks need for medical purposes are the exception, of course.)

2. No Objectionable Material – This is where common sense kicks in. If they can’t say the words on your t-shirt on network television, pretty sure it’ll be banned from Disney. If the graphic on your hoodie would strike terror in your granny, just leave it at home. Let’s keep Disney family-friendly please, folks. This rule extends to visible tattoos as well.

3. No Excessive Skin – Shirts and shoes are required at all times in Disney World parks. Note that this rule applies to children as well. (After playing shirtless in the fountain by Kali River Rapids, my three year old boys were very kindly reminded of this rule, so I’m just passing on the reminder.) The not-too-much-skin rule applies to clothing choices too. Clothes with excessive ripping are not allowed, as well as clothes that show too much skin in inappropriate areas (read: cleavage and rear-ends). This one’s hard for the poor security cast members to regulate though, so let’s just try to use our best discretion and save everyone the embarrassment. (Who really looks good in those high-waisted mini shorts anyways? Very few.)

Instead, here are some tips of what you may want to consider wearing to the parks….

1. Light Layers – Florida weather tends to change throughout the day. Wearing a light jacket or hoodie over a t-shirt is a good idea to take you from morning breezes to mid-day heat and back again in the evening. However, note that clothing with lots of layers could be subject to search for security purposes.

2. Pockets – This is my personal preference, but I’ve learned the hard way that I prefer to wear shorts with pockets when I go to the parks. Yes, I always have a cross-body bag with me. But I also want the convenience of being able to have my phone (which doubles as my camera, like most people) easily accessible.

3. Comfortable Shoes – I love cute shoes. But walking around Disney parks is no joke – some estimate you could walk up to 14 miles in a day! Trade your sassy sandals for your Converse All-Stars and your feet will thank you. (Ever seen the Modern Family episode in Disneyland? Gloria is so much happier without her heels…)

4. Hat and Glasses – Again, this is personal preference. But since squinting gives me headaches, I always wear sunglasses. And after a close call with skin cancer, I recommend hats to EVERYONE. There are so many cute Disney hats, after all.

Dress for Disney success and have a magical day, everyone!

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