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Non-Disney Tools for a Successful Disney Vacation

Going on a Disney vacation is a very large task. There is so much work that goes into making sure you are as prepared as possible so you can soak in every moment as a family. The Disney Company provides a lot of great tools to help make these trips successful. But there many other things you can add to your toolbox to make your trip even more magical.

Here is a list of what the veteran, expert park-goers use to Disney days to the next level!

Travel Agent

You don’t have to plan your Walt Disney World Resort trip on your own. There is so much research and booking that is involved, it can get overwhelming. You have a lot going on in your life – why not get a little help from someone who books Disney vacations for a living? And guess what – it is FREE! Travel Agents get commission from vendors when they book vacations for their clients. Not a penny of that comes directly from you.

These super heroes are the ones on the phones at 7am getting exactly the resort and dining reservations you want. They are also there to help lend suggestions when you need them on how to plan your trips. Get one involved as early in your planning process as you can! Their knowledge is invaluable.

Location Devices

AirTags are becoming increasingly popular in items such as keys, wallets and suitcases. Why not utilize them for your Disney trip? If you have a small child who likes to run around, there are bracelets made to help attach AirTags to their wrist. It is a great added security to visiting the most visited theme park in the world. Find an option here!

It is also helpful to attach them to your stroller. Have you ever had one of those long, hot Disney days where you couldn’t remember where you last parked your stroller? Grab one of these cute Mickey-shaped AirTag holders and attach it to an inconspicuous part of your stroller so you never lose track of it.

In a group with all grown ups? Have everyone share their location on FindMy for Apple Devices and FourSquare Swarm for Android. This tool makes it so much easier to give everyone a chance to run off and do their own thing, but then find the group again later.

Castle Stormy

Radar Apps

Never trust the Weather app while visiting Central Florida. There are days where it says it will rain all day, and there never ends up being a drop of precipitation. Other times a full day of sunshine is predicted, but you get the classic surprise afternoon shower. The MyRadar app has given me the most accurate reading of storms rolling through Walt Disney World as I have been visiting the parks. Keep an eye on the storms as they roll through to help you best plan your events for the day!

DIsney Weather

Sun and Heat Protection

During the summer months the number of medical calls Disney receives more than triples, mostly having to do with heat exhaustion. Central Florida is hot and humid, and it can definitely sneak up on you if you aren’t taking precautions.

Here are some of the best tools we always have in our parks bag:

Refillable water bottle
Extra electrolytes (NUUN tablets, Liquid IV, Gatorade)
Fan (Either manual or motorized. These are very popular right now)
Cooling towel

I also love to keep a bottle of Lush’s Breath of Fresh Air Toner in my bag. It may not help prevent heat exhaustion, but it sure does make those hot and humid days more bearable! A couple of sprays of that every hour sure brightens my mood.

We also do what we can to rest inside. Sitting down and eating lunch may sound like a waste of time, but the break from the heat and the crowds is an essential piece of a successful day at Disney. Maybe go see a longer show inside, or even head back to the resort and dip in the pool. Taking care of yourself is so important! It is essential to being able to fully enjoy your vacation.

Main Street USA Castle

Anti-Chafing Tools

I don’t know about you, but I hit walking records every time I go to Disney parks. And with that heat, I can’t be walking around in pants. One of the best tools I was introduced to is an anti-chafe stick so I can still keep my legs out and free, but without the sore redness at the end of the day. Keep one of these in your bag on those hot and sweaty days – your legs will thank you!

crowds- Disney Tips
Credit: crowds- Disney Tips


Disney vacations are a huge investment of our time and money. We want things to be perfect for our family. But Disney is still the real world and things do still go wrong. Magic Kingdom is the most visited theme park in the world – people from all types of backgrounds are there visiting every day. A lot can happen in the 12+ hours the park is open.

Plan your days out as much as you would like, but also be open to the unexpected. You may have gotten a Lightning Lane for Pirates of the Caribbean, but due to safety issues it was down all day. Yes that is a disappointment, but there are endless things to experience throughout the Walt Disney World property. The Cast Members you see working at the parks only have so much control over what is going on, and they do their absolute best to ensure your vacation is as safe and magical as possible. Embrace the change and turn lemon into lemonade!

What are the tools you have brought with you that have helped your Disney vacations be successful?

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