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How to Save Money on Your Walt Disney World Park Tickets

We all know that a Disney vacation can cost a pretty penny. From resort accommodations, to transportation and food, the price of your vacation can increase at a rapid rate. One way to keep your pockets from emptying too quickly is to save money on your park tickets. There are several ways to do so and each involves a little bit of analyzing to figure out what ticket works best for you and your family. Here is a list of how to save money on your park tickets for your upcoming Disney World vacation.

4. Buy from an authorized third party

Something that many people may not know is that you do not have to purchase your park tickets directly through Disney. There are quite a few authorized third party sellers that will sell tickets below the price that Disney does. My personal favorite that I use is Mickey Travels. The difference in price can be anywhere from a few dollars up to twenty dollars or more per person. This can add up, depending on the number of tickets you are purchasing, and every dollar counts!

3. Don’t add “extras” if you don’t need them

There are a whole variety of park tickets to choose from, including Park Hoppers and Water Park Fun & More tickets, to name a few. Think about what your family wants to do during your trip. It is easy to spend an entire day at each of the parks, so do you really need a park hopper ticket? Maybe you are going at the end of fall or beginning of winter and the Florida weather is chillier. You don’t need the water park option, especially since the water parks close for refurbishment during that time. Consider what your plan is for your vacation and buy accordingly! There is no need to spend more on tickets when it is not necessary.

2. Buy more days at a time

The Disney Magic Your Way Tickets are set up so that the more days you purchase, the average price per day goes down. This means that if you purchase a six day Magic Your Way ticket, you will end up spending less money per day than if you purchased a five day ticket. Let’s say you want to go to Florida and visit Disney for five days and spend one day at Universal. The price for Universal is around $100 per day, but the price to go from five days at Disney to six days is less than a $20 increase. In other words, if you are willing to give up seeing Universal and spend an extra day in Disney, you are saving almost $80 per person!! Ultimately, the more days you buy at once, the cheaper each individual day costs.

1.Become an Annual Passholder

If you plan on attending Disney more than once a year, or for more than ten days at a time, you should become an Annual Passholder! It saves you the money that you would spend on buying tickets two separate times, and the passholders are automatic park hoppers as well so you get the most bang for your buck. As an added bonus, Annual Passholders can also save money at select stores and restaurants, so if you are going more than once a year, take the plunge! It will be well worth it.

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