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Disney’s Epcot is one of the most expansive theme parks on resort property. From futuristic sections to entire lagoon dedicated to the countries of the world, one must plan accordingly if he or she wants to get the most out of a visit to this magnificent park. Here are ten easy steps to plan your itinerary for Disney’s Epcot.

10. Reservations

Epcot offers a wide variety of restaurants for you to choose from. Due to their ever-increasing popularity, you should make reservations as soon as possible. While there are rare instances where spots will open on the day you arrive, this is a risk you should not be willing to take. Reserve a restaurant for a dinner at least two hours before 8:00 pm. You will see why soon enough.

9. FastPasses

Epcot has multiple attractions ranging in popularity. Your fast pass priorities should be Soarin and or Test Track. These are the rides with the largest wait times while others can be walk-ons during different parts of the day. MyDisneyExperience tends to group these rides in the single option category, so choose Soarin over Test Track. Lastly, get a fast pass for Illuminations: Reflections of Earth.

8. Arrive at Epcot early

You can never go wrong with arriving early at a Disney theme park. This will save you a long walk from the parking lot and avoid taking the tram. You will be within walking distance of the entrance. Once you go through bag checks, grab a light breakfast from the nearby Jeoffery’s. This will be enough to hold you for the attractions to come.

7. Avoid Spaceship Earth at opening

Upon entering the park, your first instinct will be to enter the giant, iconic sphere that is Spaceship Earth. Much to your dismay, this is everyone else’s first instinct as well. Making this your first ride from opening will only end with you slowly trudging through a congested line. Instead, proceed onwards.

6. Start with Future World East

Head into Future World East for your first attraction, Test Track. The ride should have a minimal wait time at opening, especially if the majority of guests head for Spaceship Earth. This high-speed attraction features sudden stops and sharp turns, so your light breakfast will keep your motion sickness neutral. Once you finish this attraction, dart over to Mission: Space. This flight simulator has a spinning and non-spinning level. Either way, your light breakfast will hold you for whatever motion sickness you may endure. Upon finishing this attraction, do not go to the Universe of Energy just yet. This attraction’s presentation lasts forty-five minutes and accommodates enormous amounts of guests. Save it for later in the day.

5. Onward to Future World West

Here you can experience The Seas with Nemo and Friends. This omnimover lasts about five minutes, and typically has a ten to fifteen minute wait time. This wait time accounts for the prolonged walk until you eventually get on the ride. When you exit, you will be directed into seabase, which is also home to Turtle Talk with Crush. This fifteen minute show is a great way to cool off while laughing your tailfins off. Save Soarin for your designated fastpass time, and ride Journey into Imagination. This ride also has a typically low wait time.

4. World Showcase

With most of Future World accomplished, the time has come for you to travel around the world. Head up from Future World West and begin your country hop in Canada. As you loop around, this is a brilliant opportunity to sample food from each country and hold your hunger until dinner.

3. Ellen and Spaceship

When you finish looping around, ending at the Mexico pavilion, you will be situated in front of Future World East again. Check your watch in accordance with your dinner reservation. Now use your spare time to ride Ellen’s Energy Adventure and Spaceship Earth. The wait times will be even lower considering now the majority of guests are focusing on much more popular rides.

2. Dinner

With all of the attractions done, use some portions of the remaining time you have to meet characters until your reservation. Wherever it is, try to get to the restaurant fifteen minutes prior. Ask if they can seat you early. You want to be done eating by 8:00 pm.

1. Illuminations

Whether you finish eating before or at exactly 8:00, head over to the World Showcase Lagoon’s center. The entrance for Illuminations fastpass lies between Mexico and Canada. The line starts forming up around 8 and will open up at 8:30. Once you enter, you will be given front row seating to the amazing firework spectacular.

Every Disney park’s mastery is the result of effective planning and efficiency. Follow this itinerary and you will get the most out of your Epcot experience!

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Michael J.

Michael is a former Disney cast member, online novelist, and aspiring author. He hopes to return to Walt Disney World and become an Imagineer on the writing team. He currently resides in Naples, Florida.

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