5 Ways to Know Which Disney Resorts Have the Best Pools

There are many aspects of a Disney vacation. The most important of these aspects are arguably the food, the resort, and all of the Disney magic (which requires no real effort to attain). When picking the second of these three, however, a little more thought is required. Your resort should suit your vacation style, after all, so you should always make sure that your resort has what you want, especially when it comes to fun amenities like pools. Planning on doing some swimming on your Disney trip? Here are five tips to help you choose the best pool (and subsequent resort) for yourself.

5. Don’t go to Disney in the middle of the summer. If you go to Walt Disney World when the weather is particularly hot, the pool will virtually always be occupied, no matter how fancy or simple it is. If swimming in solitude is your thing, then you should go towards the beginning of summer–when school is still in session–or at the tail end of summer after school has begun. If you do find yourself at Disney in the hot, busy season, then you can still enjoy your Disney pool, even though you have to share it. And, of course, keep Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon in mind! They may be a medium-length trip away, but both water parks are still filled with potential fun (check out Typhoon Lagoon’s Shark Reef), refreshment, and relaxation.

4. Consider the pool’s location. This makes more sense when it comes to picking your room at a resort. Once you know which building your room will be in, you can accurately judge the distance from the room to the pool. After all, when you’re in a wet bathing suit and flip flops trying to scuttle across the resort grounds at night, the last thing you want is long distance travel. Make sure you won’t have to go too far for a swim–and won’t have to go too far to get back to your room!

3. Consider your pool priorities. Sure, the pool at your resort is important–but how important is it to you? If you find yourself carefully perusing resorts that have great pools, pause to imagine your vacation plans. Do you really see yourself sunbathing every day, or are you planning to be in the parks day and night? There is no reason to put a lot of effort into pool selection if you don’t think that you will be using it more than a couple of times, so keep your vacation plans in mind when you’re looking at pools. And don’t worry–even if you don’t make swimming a priority on your trip, there’s not a single “bad” pool at Walt Disney World, so you’ll always have the chance to swim if you change your mind!

2. Eat at other resorts to get sneak previews of their pools. There is really no greater way to take a mini-tour of a Disney resort than through its dining. After all, food is a crucial component of any Disney trip; not only do you get to test the resort’s atmosphere, structure, and amenities by walking around its property, you also get to sample generous amounts of its food! Your on-site investigation of a potential resort can definitely include a walk around and a little pool perusal (take time to gauge how crowded the pool is, as well as its surroundings), and it’s more than a little likely that any of the resort employees would happily answer all of your questions. Once you have eaten your fill, explored the resort grounds, and seen the pool, you can head back to your own resort with your next vacation halfway planned!

1. Do your research. When planning a Disney vacation, preparing beforehand can actually enhance the excitement instead of just stressing you out. The same is true for pool planning, because you literally cannot pick a bad pool at Walt Disney World. There is no resort that is a ‘dump’, and no pools the size of bathtubs, so you are already being set up for success! Walt Disney World’s website will give you some information about their pools, but there are not many photos of pools on the site, so do some independent research (read: Google) to find visitor reviews and visitors’ photographs. Again, there is no wrong pool to pick when it comes to Disney–but researching in advance will help you find a resort and pool that has the right ambiance and décor for you!

Because Disney is always its magical Disney self, you’re bound to have fun on your trip, whether or not you end up swimming. If you do end up swimming, remembering these five tips will help you guarantee that you’ll be able to get excited not just for Disney’s parks, but for your own resort and pool as well!

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