How to Know What You Should Pack in Your Disney Park Bag – 6 Quick Tips

To make the most of your Disney vacation, you’ll want to bring the right things with you to the parks to avoid making unnecessary trips back and forth to your hotel or unnecessary purchases. Knowing what to pack in your Disney park bag can save you time and money, and knowing how to decide is your first step. Some items you can decide on when you’re at the resort, but some decisions should be made before you leave home so you’ll have everything you need.

6. What’s the Weather Like?

Before you head out for a day at the parks, check the weather report. It might be sunny and warm now, but if rain is in the forecast, you’ll want to bring a few things, like a poncho. If it’s going to get a little chilly out, especially if you’re visiting during the cooler months, a lightweight long sleeve shirt or even a sweatshirt will come in handy. No matter the time of year, you should always have sunscreen in your Disney bag. Travel size tubes help save space and cut down on the weight of your bag.

Bonus Tip: Disney’s parks have lockers available to rent if you don’t want to carry a sweatshirt and a pair of pants all day for when it gets colder.

5. Do You Plan On Taking Pictures?

With so many memories to make, you’ll probably want to capture as many as you can. Do you plan on using your cell phone or a camera? Either way, be sure to include everything you need to take pictures including a charger and an extra cartridge. You don’t want a low battery or a full cartridge to prevent you from preserving a magical Disney moment. You can buy photo cartridges at the parks, but they’ll be expensive. Better to bring what you have from home. Also, leave the selfie stick and tripod at home. It’s not worth the inconvenience of carrying them around.

4. Do You Take Any Medications?

If anyone in your party requires certain medications, be sure to include enough for the day, plus a little extra just in case. Keeping something on hand for migraines as well will save you from being uncomfortable and having to call it an early day. The same goes for inhalers and Epipens. If you’re prone to blisters, throw in a few Band-Aids as well.

3. Do You Have a Snack Budget?

There are so many things to eat at the Disney parks, but if you’re on a budget, it can get pretty expensive. Consider putting a few snack foods in your Disney bag as food items are allowed to be brought in. Not only does this help your wallet, but helps satisfy picky eaters until something else is available. Only include food items that can stand at room temperature or warmer. Avoid things that will melt in your bag and create a mess. You can also include a refillable water bottle and that be resealed. With this you can utilize water fountains or get free cups of water from any Quick-Service food stand for your bottle instead of having to buy multiple drinks throughout the day. It’s important to stay hydrated, but you don’t have to break the bank to do so.

2. Is There a Chance You Could Get Wet?

Whether by rain or attraction, if you feel you could get wet at any point during the day, remember to bring zip-lock bags with you. Why? Phones and cameras don’t exactly work well when wet. Especially if your Disney park bag isn’t waterproof, you’ll want to make sure your electronics stay dry. It only takes a moment, but could end up saving you from having to replace a damaged product.

1. Are You Getting Autographs?

If you have young children in your party, or are just a big kid yourself, include a pen and autograph book so you can take advantage of character meet and greets. Especially make sure you bring your own pen as the characters will not have one on them. The books Disney sells are small and don’t take up much room in your bag, but it will be a great keepsake to remember the trip by.

In addition you’ll want to have your wallet, sunglasses, and cell phone when you visit the parks. Those who have very young children may need to carry a separate diaper bag, but if you can fit everything you need for your child and your park essentials into one bag, just be sure it isn’t too heavy.

Keep in mind that all bags will be searched at each park before you can enter so keep that in mind. Bags with less compartments to search go through security faster and there is usually a line, so allow for extra time to get into the parks.

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Kristina is a freelance writer and full-time marketer who is a loud and proud Disney fan. Besides Disney Fanatic and How To Disney, she has also written for, Disney Avenue, and XOJane. A frequent visitor to Disney World, she enjoys trying something new each trip and experiencing all Disney has to offer. She lives in New York with her cat, Lizzie.

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