Here’s Some of the WORST Disney Advice We’ve Ever Heard – 8 Disney Tips You Should Ignore

Disney Castle Entrance

The internet is full of advice for Disney vacationers – our site included! Most if it is wonderfully helpful, since pre-planning is your best bet on a Disney trip. But here are some pieces of advice that I think should be thrown out the window…

8. Skip Animal Kingdom. – Some people recommend skipping Animal Kingdom because you can see exotic animals at your local zoo. But Animal Kingdom is so much more than a regular zoo. With thrill rides, unique shows, and a flagship close-encounter safari, Animal Kingdom is totally worth the price and the time if you can swing it.

7. Take pictures of everything. – Grandma and instincts will tell you that you want pictures of everything if Disney is a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Well, if photography is your passion, then by all means go for it. But if capturing all those memories stresses you out, then by all means – don’t! Utilize the Photo Pass/Memory Maker option for the shots you really want. Snap a few silly candids when you get a chance. Then put down your camera and live in the moment – those are the best kind of memories anyways.

6. Wait until they can remember it. – I often hear people say that they will go to Disney when the kids are old enough to really appreciate it. I can see some merit in that, for sure. But a friend of mine recently challenged that notion, reminding me that kids will never be young again. If you wait until they get older, they will still undoubtedly enjoy Disney, but in a different way. You may be robbing yourself of the joy of watching them experience the magic when they are small. You never know what the future holds; the present is a gift that you can unwrap today.

5. Always stay in the park from open to close. – Goodness, that sounds exhausting to me! My advice instead would be “know your crew.” If your group can make it for all of the magical hours and still be in magical moods, great. But if the hours get less magical as the day goes on, don’t worry about what others say – take a break! Go back and swim or take a nap at your resort for a few hours, then come back for the nighttime entertainment. It’s your vacation – take it at your own pace.

4. You must stay on Disney property. – Psst. I’ll let you in on a little secret. I have never stayed at a Disney resort. Sure, I’d like to – they look amazing! But the budget’s gotta give at some point for all of us, and for me I choose to allocate more to Disney experiences than Disney resorts. There are other authors on this site that highly recommend staying on-property. I don’t disagree with them – I’m just saying that a Disney vacation for MY family has always been MORE magical by staying off-property. To each their own. Check out this comparison article to help make the choice that’s best for you.

3. Park at Disney Springs. – Some sites will tell you that if you’re not staying on-property you should park at the Disney Springs parking garage for free and then utilize Disney bus transportation to the parks. This is simply not possible – the buses don’t go to all the parks from Disney Springs. Be sure to do your research before parking. Trying to save a little money could end up costing you big in time wasted. Check this out for some more tips.

2. Magic Kingdom is just for kids. – My jaw drops when I hear people say that Magic Kingdom is just a kid’s park. There is so much fun stuff to do there for ALL ages! In fact, going to the Magic Kingdom without kids arguably allows you more in-depth magic because you can take time to notice imagineering that parents and children probably miss. Nothing makes me happier than my friends without kids unleashing their inner child(ren) and hitting up MK decked out in mouse ears. Just kids-at-heart livin’ it up at the place where dreams come true.

1. Do it all. – I think sometimes in our zealous love for Disney, we Fanatics can inadvertently send the message that if you don’t do it all, you haven’t really done Disney. This just isn’t true. Instead I’d say, “do it without regrets.” If you’ve done it all and leave fried and frazzled, then you haven’t really done Disney. Do what you can enjoy, and be satisfied that you’ve done it well. Then come back for more when you can. 🙂

So there you go – 8 pieces of advice that you should definitely think twice about when planning your Disney vacation. What other Disney advice do you just shake your head at?

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