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How to Experience the Magic of Disney at Home

The time between Disney trips can feel long, drawn out, and even downright depressing. The magic of Disney truly brings joy into our lives that can’t be matched anywhere else. How can we add a little bit of Disney magic into our days when we are missing it most?

Walt Disney’s ultimate goal was immersive storytelling. He spearheaded the idea that he could create an unforgettable experience by using all five of your senses. Why not DIY that a bit for you and your family? Thanks to the magic of the internet, and some amazing creatives slash Disney addicts, it is possible to bring a few touches of pixie dust into your home. From playlists, YouTube videos, Etsy shops, and other crafts, we have a comprehensive list for you and your family!

Grand Floridian Lobby

Disney Scents

Close your eyes and imagine walking into your favorite Walt Disney World Resort. One of the first things you experience in that lobby is the scent. That isn’t an accident. Our sense of smell is intimately linked with our memory. I wish I could bottle up the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor smell on Main Street USA and wear it as perfume.

Whenever I am missing the parks the most, my first task is to light a Disney-inspired candle. There are some amazing small shops that have crafted scents that match the most famous smells at Disney. My personal favorite resort smell is the Riviera, and Magic Candle Company has perfected this fragrance! (They also have the Rome-Burning scent from Spaceship Earth! Iconic!) Walter & Rosie is another fantastic option – my favorite of theirs is the Beach Club wax melt.

Just think – each room in your home could be scented after your favorite pieces of your Disney vacation!

Disney Playlists

Another great way to ignite your emotions is through music. It is rare to find a corner of Disney Property without perfectly themed background music. One of the most iconic playlists is the Resort Loop on the TV in your room. Here is a YouTube playlist of more than 40 of them! You will often find me streaming this on my TV as I am working from home.

There are also many compilations of different areas of Walt Disney World. If there a specific area of the parks you would like to transport to, simply search for it on YouTube and you will find a loop of it there. The loop that is currently bringing me the most joy is the Soarin’ Around the World queue music. It is the only area in all of Walt Disney World that plays songs from the movie Hook!

The options are endless. Have fun thinking through your favorite areas of the parks and bring a little piece of it into your home.

Food and Wine
Credit: Disney

Anyone Can Cook

Disney snacks are iconic. Why not take your hand at making some of your Disney park favorites at home? Every Sunday growing up my family would have Mickey Mouse-shaped pancakes. My dad would even make a little bow for my Minnie Mouse version. That is a simple way to bring some hidden Mickeys into the kitchen, but there are plenty of opportunities to go even bigger!

If there is a specific Disney snack or food you are craving, search “Disney copycat recipe _________” with the name of the snack. Disney addicts around the world have worked hard to bring these to life!

Here are a few of my favorites!
Cheeseburger Spring Rolls – a Magic Kingdom staple in my house
M&M Mickey Mouse Rice Krispie Treats
Dole Whip
Soft Pretzels

Walt Disney Animation
Credit: Disney

Disney Animation Academy

One of the best spots in the park to take a breather in some air conditioning is the Disney Animation Academy. It’s so much fun learning how to draw the characters we have all grown to love. The Disney Parks YouTube Channel has a series of 50+ tutorials in a playlist. A few of my favorites are Minnie Mouse and Genie!

Gather the family in the living room, stream these up on the TV and draw to your heart’s desire. Sometimes when I am doing this at home I like to add a little crayon or colored pencil to my drawings. Maybe even add some stickers or glitter!

Credit: Disney

Binge on Disney+

Disney has added some amazing content over the few years Disney+ has been around. The Imagineering Story is a great way to learn about some history behind the magic, plus all of your favorite Disney classics!

Dream Along With Mickey
Photo Credit: WDW Radio

Stream Shows & Parades

Miss a certain fireworks show, parade, or even a stage show? There are fantastic versions Disney fans have captured over the years and put on the internet for you to view. You will often find me watching Dream Along with Mickey – I just miss that show so much.

There are also many POV ride-throughs of your favorite attractions. (The Disneyland Park Space Mountain is a winner for me!) Put it up on the TV, sit super close to the screen and it is almost as if you are really there. You don’t even need to pay for a Lightning Lane to experience it this way. Keep an eye out on TikTok and YouTube as there are many content creators who do live walk-throughs of the parks.

Disney Small Shop Gear
Credit: NowUrTalkin

Disney Touches at Home

There are some amazing creatives that put together pieces that give shopDisney a run for their money! Who says you can only wear your Mickey ears and Disney-themed shirts at the parks?

MagicalParkService – These vinyl stickers are creative and so much fun. Each design is unique and pretty niche – if you know, you know kind of vibes. The Star Wars stickers are hilarious!

EarsbyStef – A little bit different from the fluffy-eared pairs seen a lot in the parks, these are light-weight and simple!

NowUrTalkin – This shop has some of my favorite Disney-themed gear. Her t-shirts are unique, and her new jewelry line is simple, elegant, and has the perfect magical touch.

27WillowLane – These hand-crafted wooden signs are GORGEOUS! Perfect for Disney lovers everywhere. This shop is the most exclusive of this whole list. It opens every few weeks, and you must be quick to get your order in before she sells out.

There is so much you can do at home to bring a piece of the Disney experience into your everyday life. Drinking out of a Disney coffee mug, or even putting up a Disney background on your next zoom call could add a little bit of pixie dust to those sluggish days at work.

How do you experience Disney at home?

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