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Hidden Spots in Disney for When You Need Quiet

We love the excitement and magic of Walt Disney World, but sometimes, we need a moment of quiet. Although it might not seem possible for quiet spots to exist in Disney parks, we assure you they do.

Look at our hidden spots throughout Disney parks, where you can find a quiet, relaxing place.

Tom Sawyer Island
Credit: Disney

Tom Sawyer Island- Frontierland, Magic Kingdom

Tom Sawyer Island is one of our favorite places to sneak off when we need quiet in the Magic Kingdom. Hidden over Frontierland, this island is only accessible by a log raft.

The island is entirely secluded from the rest of Magic Kingdom, and with all the paths, caves, and mills, you are bound to find a quiet spot. We love grabbing a rocking chair and enjoying the extraordinary views of Magic Kingdom. You can gaze over the water at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad or watch the Liberty Belle as it goes by.

The calm and quietness of Tom Sawyer Island will have you forgetting you are in the middle of the Magic Kingdom.

Living with the Land- Land Pavilion, EPCOT

Take a nice relaxing boat ride in EPCOT on Living with the Land. This gentle, slow boat ride takes you through the unique greenhouses. See the growing techniques used and the food grown for restaurants in EPCOT.

As a longer ride, sitting back and enjoying without worrying about anything for a few moments is nice.

Liberty Belle, Magic Kingdom
Credit: Disney

Liberty Square Riverboat- Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom

Float down the Rivers of America on the Liberty Square Riverboat. This is another excellent, slow boat ride that is highly relaxing. Once onboard, guests can enjoy views of Tom Sawyer Island, Fort Langhorn, Haunted Mansion, and even Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

There aren’t a lot of seats, so make sure you grab one early for an even more relaxing experience. We again love this option as it is a more extended experience, giving us plenty of time to relax.

Walt Disney Presents- Animation Courtyard, Disney’s Hollywood Studios 

Slow it down at Walt Disney Presents a walk-through exhibit that celebrates the history of Walt Disney himself. See artifacts from the development of the parks, Mickey Mouse, and so much more.

Wrap up by seeing the 15-minute video that is a fantastic rest area. Sit back and take in all the history and magic that made Walt Disney World possible.

Carousel of Progress, Tomorrowland
Credit: Disney

Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress- Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom

An iconic and historical ride in Magic Kingdom is also relaxing. Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress is the perfect attraction to relax in. This theatre takes guests through four different decades as they discover new technology.

The attraction lasts around 20 minutes and if you can deal with the iconic song, you will have a pleasant and relaxing break.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover- Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom

No matter what time of day, we find the PeopleMover the perfect spot in Magic Kingdom to find a quiet moment. As we ride high above the crowds, we love taking in the beautiful sights of Magic Kingdom.

If you don’t want to be caught up in the fireworks crowds, consider riding the PeopleMover during this time. You can get views of the fireworks without being in the middle of the group.

Discovery Island Trails, Disney's Animal Kingdom
Credit: V Mills

Trails – Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We head to the trails for a quiet escape in Disney’s Animal Kingdom—three main trails throughout the park offer hidden soft areas for guests. The three trails provide something slightly different from animals to the Tree of Life, but they all provide places where you can find a quiet spot to rest.


World Showcase, EPCOT

Although it might surprise many to see the World Showcase on our list of quiet spots in Walt Disney World, the countries are one of our favorite places to relax in EPCOT. Step from the main walkway and head into the pavilions to discover quiet, hidden areas.

Some of our favorites include the gardens in both the UK and Canada Pavilion. Canada has a gorgeous waterfall and the most exquisite garden. Only a few people know this area is even there, so it is the perfect relaxing spot.

We also enjoy heading back into the Japan Pavilion. You can discover a small garden and pod with a small seating area for a quiet moment. Over in Morocco, head towards the way back for hidden gems around every corner. There are so many excellent hidden seats that are perfect for resting.

Although the main path around World Showcase can be anything but relaxing and quiet, if you take time to head back into the different pavilions, you will find secret quiet spots.

Swiss Family Treehouse- Adventureland, Magic Kingdom

If you have energy but need a moment away from the crowds, visit Swiss Family Treehouse in Adventureland. This fantastic experience takes you into the story by showing how the Swiss Family Robinson built their house around the tree. It provides a fantastic view of Magic Kingdom high above the park, but remember you have to climb 116 stairs.

When you think of Walt Disney World, quiet and relaxing might not be the top words that come to mind. With all the excitement and the rush of energy, it can be hard sometimes to find a moment of quiet within the magic.\

We hope that by sharing these hidden, quiet spots with you during your next Walt Disney World vacation, you will find some quiet moments to soak in the magic all around you.


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