How to Do Disney in 4 Days

With so much to do at Walt Disney World, you could stay there a month and still not experience everything the resort has to offer. However, you can experience quite a lot in a 4-day trip. By booking shorter vacations you not only create a more affordable vacation package, but you have more flexibility as to when you can go since taking excessive time off from school or work isn’t necessary. Here are a few tips on how to vacation in Disney World in four days.

6. Arrive Early to the Resort

Whether you’re flying or driving, the best way to get the most out of your 4-day trip is to arrive as early as you can. If you can get to your hotel before noon, then you have the rest of the day to explore the parks. For those of you who fly to Orlando airport, this can mean a departure time prior to 7 A.M., but who really sleeps the night before a Disney vacation anyway? You can also save time checking in by doing it online. Even if your room isn’t ready when you arrive, your hotel will store your luggage and will notify you when you can have access to your room, and automatically move your things for you. This allows you to hit the parks right away.

5. Do Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios the Same Day

ingdom and Hollywood Studios at once. As Animal Kingdom closes earlier, hit that park first and go on your must-do attractions. When you’ve finished, you can hop a bus to go directly to Hollywood Studios which is open later. As there are several attractions currently closed, this park doesn’t offer as much as it used to, making it a half-day park. As it gets later, you can choose to stay for Fantasmic or head back to the hotel for some sleep. Remember, you can reserve your Fastpasses ahead of time, but only book for one park per day. Decide which attractions are important to you and which could take up the most time. It’s recommended to Fastpass Hollywood Studios for Toy Story Mania as Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom has a singles line.

4. One Day for Epcot

This step and the next can be interchanged depending on the day. Keep in mind that World Showcase doesn’t open until 11 A.M. so if you get your Fastpasses for Test Track and Soarin’, you really don’t need to be there at rope drop and can sleep in a little. While you wait for World Showcase to open, you can also visit The Seas with Nemo and Friends and other Future World pavilions. Once World Showcase opens, make your way through each country, stopping for lunch and dinner along the way. There are notable restaurants in Future World, but those would involve extra walking across the park. In the interest of saving time, stick to the country pavilions for your afternoon and evening meals. As you go, you can also get some shopping done. Towards the end of the night, you can practically walk on to Spaceship Earth and save it for an end-of-the-day attraction instead of waiting on line for it in the morning. Check out “The Ultimate Epcot Checklist – 12 Things You Must Do.”

3. One Day for Magic Kingdom

This can be interchanged with Epcot because depending on when you travel, you’ll want to save Magic Kingdom for a weekday. Crowds will be smaller and you’ll be able to get more done. This is a park you’ll want to do from rope drop to the closing fireworks as there is a lot to do, and even an opening show that takes place right before the park opens. Hit Fantasyland and the coaster attractions first as these will develop long lines as the day goes on. (You can even walk on to Peter Pan’s Flight with no line) In the interest of saving time, try working from one end of the park to the other in a loop. Save Main Street last as those stores stay open a half hour after the park closes. Take some downtime during meals by getting a Quick-Service lunch or dinner a half hour before a parade starts. You can get good seats without using a Fastpass and can eat at the same time. Check out “The Ultimate Magic Kingdom Checklist – 15 Things You Must Do.”

2. Last Day For Whatever

Your last day of your Disney vacation is wide open. You can visit Downtown Disney, take some time to relax by the pool in your resort, or visit your favorite attractions again. On the day you check out, you can leave your luggage with Cast Members who will store it for you until it’s time for you to leave. Similar to when you arrive, this lets you enjoy more of the resort without having to baby-sit your luggage.

1. Late Night Travels

To get the most out of your fourth day, plan to leave as late as your schedule allows. If flying, look at flights leaving around 5-7 P.M. or later if you can manage. If using the Magical Express, you’ll be given a time for your bus pick-up which gives you plenty of time to check your bags, which Cast Members can do on select flights earlier in the day from the resort, and get through security. The rest of the day is up to you. Check out “Disney World R&R – 10 Ways To Relax At Disney Resorts.”

If you travel with young ones, you may not need to hit all the major attractions and can takes some extra time to relax at the resort. Especially on hot days, heading back to the hotel for some pool time, then going back to the parks when it’s cooler works just as well. Don’t push yourself too hard and keep in mind that tired vacationers can turn into cranky ones. So if you don’t get to do everything this trip, don’t worry. There’s always the next one.

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Kristina is a freelance writer and full-time marketer who is a loud and proud Disney fan. Besides Disney Fanatic and How To Disney, she has also written for, Disney Avenue, and XOJane. A frequent visitor to Disney World, she enjoys trying something new each trip and experiencing all Disney has to offer. She lives in New York with her cat, Lizzie.

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