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Do You Know These Essential Disney Tips? Because You Need To

A lot goes into planning a Walt Disney World vacation. It can often feel like a part-time job as you have so much to think about and figure out before heading down to enjoy the magic. We have a few Disney tips essential to having a magical vacation. Sharing them with you will make your planning process smoother and less frustrating.

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Disney Resorts Offer A Lot

The Resorts at Walt Disney World are just as magical as the Disney Parks. You will want to slow down and take advantage of everything they offer during your trip. Before arriving at your Disney Resort, take time to do a little research about what is available.

Look into the pools and play areas to know where they are located within the Resort. Do the same thing for the available dining. Double-check the hours of the dining locations so you aren’t surprised when you arrive if something closes early.

See what activities are offered at the Resort as well. You can often find this out before leaving, but stop at the front desk to get more information when you arrive. It isn’t just the pool activities each day that happens. The Disney Resorts have scavenger hunts, crafts, and even movies under the stars.

Don’t miss out on these experiences that are offered during your stay.

Big Thunder Mountain
Big Thunder Mountain

Having a Must-Do List is Key

There is so much to see and do throughout Walt Disney World that you won’t be able to do it all during one vacation. Before heading to Walt Disney World, talk about the must-dos for everyone.

Look at the rides, shows, dining, and other experiences throughout the four Disney Parks. Then make a list of what specific experiences everyone feels they have to do to feel like they have had a successful trip.

Doing this can help you make a touring plan before arriving and make your arrival at the Parks much smoother. Having a list of the must-dos before arriving at Walt Disney World can save a lot of time and frustration within the Parks.

My Disney Experience App

My Disney Experience is Critical

You must know how to navigate the My Disney Experience app before you arrive at Walt Disney World. This is the official app of Walt Disney World and a lifeline to Disney information throughout a Disney vacation.

Don’t just download the app and forget about it; take time to navigate it. We have some posts on How to Disney to help you find the key features. Doing this ahead of time will make the app a lot more user-friendly.

There is so much important information on the app that can make your trip much easier. Make sure you take time to learn about those before you arrive.

mobile order
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Mobile Order is a Must

Mobile order is a feature on the My Disney Experience app. This allows Guests to order their meals at select quick service locations throughout the Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts.

Before heading down, take time to practice mobile ordering. This can allow you to become familiar with out it works and be less frustrated when it is time to order in the middle of Magic Kingdom.

When you are at Walt Disney World, know you can place orders ahead of time. This is a key tip, as some windows book up early. By booking your mobile order for lunch and dinner early in the day, you are more likely to get the window you are hoping for.

Don’t skip out on mobile ordering. It is a beautiful way to get your food without waiting.

Space Mountain at Night
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Go Early, Stay Late

Consider how you will manage the crowds when thinking about your touring plans for Walt Disney World. Two ways to do so are by going to the Parks early and staying late.

Mornings and late evenings are the slower times in the Parks. Use this time to hit the more prominent attractions with lower wait times. Those staying at a Walt Disney World Resort can get into the Disney Parks thirty minutes before posted opening. This is a critical thirty minutes where a lot can get done.

Those staying at Deluxe Resort can enjoy extended evening hours at EPCOT and Magic Kingdom on select evenings. This is also a fantastic way to experience low crowds.

Use those early and late hours to enjoy the Parks with fewer people.

Dig Site Pool Coronado Springs Resort
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Take Breaks

It is hard to slow down during a Walt Disney World vacation, but it is important. Schedule in breaks throughout your day and your trip.

Take time to enjoy the pool at your Resort. Have a nice meal at a nearby Resort, or consider taking a whole day off from the Park. Doing this can have a significant impact on your trip. Breaks allow everyone to refresh and be ready for more time in the Parks.

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Learn About Genie+

Even if you don’t want to purchase Genie+, it is important to learn what it offers. Take time to learn what Genie+ is about and how it could help you have a smoother and more magical trip to Walt Disney World. Head to How to Disney to learn about Genie+ and what it can do for you during your Walt Disney World vacation.

Those are some essential tips you should know before heading to Walt Disney World. These extensive areas can significantly impact your day if you aren’t aware of them. Take time to learn about them and prepare for a magical Walt Disney World vacation.






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