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Johnny Depp Returns to Disney?! Guests Claim Actor Was Back as Captain Jack

In 2003, Disney released the first film in what would be one of its most popular live-action franchises to date. That film was Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. The film was a new take on Disney’s iconic theme park attraction. Curse of the Black Pearl starred Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, Orlando Bloom as Will Turner, Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Swann, and Geoffrey Rush as Captain Barbossa.

Johnny Depp Orlando Bloom Pirates of the Caribbean
Credit: Disney

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Curse of the Black Pearl was the first of five movies that would feature Captain Jack — the worst pirate you’ve ever heard of. In 2006, Disney released the sequel, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Then, in 2007, there was At World’s End, 2011 saw the release of On Stranger Tides, and the last film, Dead Men Tell No Tales, came out in 2017.

Pirates of the Caribbean Johnny Depp
Credit: Disney

According to reports, Disney didn’t want to say goodbye to Captain Jack and was working on a sixth Pirates film. However, that all fell apart when Depp was accused of domestic abuse by his ex-wife Amber Heard in 2018. Disney dropped Depp and distanced themselves from the actor, even though he denied the charges.

Depp ended up suing Heard for defamation and, after a six-week-long trial, was awarded $10 million in damages. During the trial, Depp was asked if he would ever work with Disney again. He said that he would not, not even if Disney offered him $300 million and one million alpacas.

Johnny Depp Amber Heard Trial
Credit: Netflix

Johnny Depp Spotted in Disneyland?

One thing that Johnny Depp became known for was his love of dressing up as Captain Jack and surprising people. He famously dressed up and surprised guests at Disneyland when his character was added to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. He was also known for becoming Captain Jack and visiting sick children in the hospital.

Johnny Depp Captain Jack Sparrow
Credit: Kraken the Box YouTube

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However, that hasn’t happened too much since he was abandoned by Disney.

But one guest recently took to Reddit to share that they had seen Johnny Depp in Disneyland Park just days before Thanksgiving! While the guest wasn’t sure it was actually Johnny Depp, they said that a Disney cast member confirmed it.

A cast mention just told us that Johnny Depp was dressed up as Captain Jack yesterday. He played on Tom Sawyer island for awhile. I almost took a photo. I’m so mad I didn’t.

Johnny Depp was actually Captain Jack yesterday 11/19
byu/sparklyrosegoldpants inDisneyland

Now, there were a lot of people who did not believe the person’s story, especially after everything that has happened between Depp and Disney. However, the Original Poster doubled down on their claims. They said that Depp had five handlers with him and that the cast member he spoke to had no reason to lie about it.

It should be noted that both Depp and Disney seem to have softened their stances about not working together. Depp has reportedly told people close to him that, for the right script, he may go back to the Mouse House. And when a Disney executive was asked about the possibility of working with Depp again, they said “Never say never.”

Would you love to see Johnny Depp back as Captain Jack? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I would love to see Johnny Depp come back to America and b e Captain Jack for part 6. If of course he wants to. So happy he is making movies etc again. He is INNOCENT, In my opinion he always was and he will always will be. Thank you

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