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EPCOT Planning Pitfalls: Mistakes to Watch Out For

After a few years of construction and growing pains, EPCOT is again becoming its own. With new thrilling rides, outstanding dining, and educational experiences, EPCOT is a magical park for guests to explore, but there are planning pitfalls that can ruin the day.

Because there is so much to experience at EPCOT, making mistakes with your planning can be easy. To help make sure you have a great time in EPCOT during your vacation, we have some errors you will want to avoid.

Be aware of these planning pitfalls as you head down to EPCOT. This will allow you to be prepared and have a magical time.

Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind
Credit; Disney

Not Packing Motion Sickness Medicine

If you struggle with motion sickness, you will want to bring some to EPCOT. It might surprise you that EPCOT has a handful of rides that can cause motion sickness issues for many guests.

One of the most significant issues is the new indoor coaster Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. This thrilling coaster is fantastic. With a reverse launch and cars that are constantly in motion, guests are always in the action. While this is fun for some guests, others will have a big issue. The combination of screens, motion, and speed can cause some guests to become extremely motion-sick on this ride. If you want to experience this new thrilling attraction, plan.

Mission Space is the original EPCOT ride that can cause many motion sicknesses. There are two versions of this ride to help lessen the impact by offering a less intense experience. This ride simulates what it is like to be an astronaut. The tight ride vehicle, screen, and spinning feeling can cause some guests to feel slightly green. For those with motion sickness concerns, either sit out Mission Space completely or try out the green side for a less intense experience.

Finally, it might be surprising to find out the family-friendly Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure causes some motion sickness for Guests. The combination of screens and the trackless ride can cause some people to be uncomfortable.

Take some time before you head to EPCOT to take some motion sickness medicine before heading on some of the rides.

World Showcase United Kingdom and Italy Pavilions, EPCOT
Credit: V Mills

Rushing Through the Countries

The World Showcase is a huge part of what makes EPCOT special. A significant mistake guests make when visiting EPCOT is rushing through the countries that make up the World Showcase. The pavilions are full of magic, so many guests never experience it because they rush from one place to another.

Explore the different countries as you make your way around the World Showcase. Visit the fantastic shop in Japan, explore the gardens in Canada, and see the displays and shows available in the American, China, and France pavilions.

We know you want to experience Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and Frozen Ever After, but don’t rush straight from one to the other. Slow down and explore all that the countries have to offer. Visit a store, have a snack, and enjoy the beautiful gardens.

Don’t make the mistake of rushing past all the beautiful countries in the World Showcase. Take time to enjoy the details that make this area so unique.

Jammin Gardners
Credit: Disney

Missing the Live Entertainment

A considerable part of EPCOT is the live entertainment that can be enjoyed throughout the park. These talented individuals bring so much magic to guests daily in the park.

Our favorites include Voices of Liberty in the American Pavilion, Mariachi Cobre in Mexico, and the upbeat and exciting JAMMitors in World Discovery. When visiting during a festival, we also enjoy the live performances. Garden Rocks, Candlelight Processional, and Eat to the Beat have all been performed yearly at EPCOT.

Don’t rush by them when you are visiting EPCOT. Take time to enjoy the shows and highly talented performers.

Family dining at Space220 EPCOT
Credit Disney

Booking Too Many Table Service Meals

EPCOT has so many outstanding table service meals throughout the Park. From the trendy Space 220 to the beloved Le Cellar, Rose and Crown, and San Angel Inn, EPCOT provides guests with numerous table service options.

One mistake that guests make when visiting EPCOT is that they feel like they have to enjoy a table service meal to have a good meal. Although the table service restaurants are fantastic experiences, you won’t have to book a table service meal to enjoy great food at EPCOT.

If you are visiting during a festival, which is most of the year at EPCOT, take some time to enjoy something at one of the booths. These small plates are a great way to enjoy a unique cruise without having a large meal.

Many of the countries also have top quick service locations. Try the fish and chips at Yorkshire Country Fish Shop in the UK Pavilion. Have some great empanadas at La Haciencda de San Angel. We also like some new options at Connections Eatery and the Regal Eagle barbecue.

Avoid booking many table service meals you don’t need when visiting EPCOT. Enjoy the festival booths or some excellent quick-service locations throughout the park.

Aqua Tour
Photo Credit: Disney

Enjoy the Interactive Areas

Many guests don’t know that EPCOT has a handful of interactive areas. Spaceship Earth and Journey Into Imagination with Figment have interactive places for guests to explore.

The Seas Pavilion and the large aquarium are so much fun to explore. Little ones will also enjoy Bruce’s Shark World play area.

Don’t miss the newest interactive area with Journey of Water: Inspired by Moana. This water-focused area will be opening for guests in October. It allows guests to interact with water while learning about it.

When planning a day at EPCOT, don’t fall into these pitfalls. EPCOT has so much to offer Guests during their vacation. From excellent cuisine worldwide to great entertainment and outstanding rides, there is much to see and do. As you experience all of these things, please don’t make the mistake that we have talked about. You won’t miss out on these magical experiences that make EPCOT unique.


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