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Do NOT Let These Avoidable Mistakes Ruin Your 2024 Disney Trip

Now is the time to consider your 2024 Walt Disney World vacation. If you have started planning, you might think it seems impossible. There is so much to track regarding a Walt Disney World vacation.

Luckily, we are here to help you manage it all. You will want to avoid some major mistakes during your 2024 trip. These are mistakes that are easy to avoid if you plan. Look at some of the errors Guests make at Walt Disney World and see how you can avoid them during your 2024 Walt Disney World vacation.

We hope you will be ready for the magic when 2024 arrives by sharing them with you now.

Walt Disney World in the Rain
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Forgetting That Weather Happens at Disney Too

Many of us like to get wrapped up in the idea that Florida is always sunny and warm. In reality, Florida weather can be tricky. A significant mistake that Guests make when planning for a trip to Walt Disney World is not planning for the elements.

Avoid this mistake by preparing before you even leave home. Purchase rain gear for the whole family. Umbrellas, ponchos, rain jackets, and waterproof shoes are all great ways to battle the Florida rain.

Make sure that you also consider bringing layers. Although you might not think you will need them in the middle of August, the air condition in buildings can get chilly. A nice, light jacket to toss on can make the show or meal much more enjoyable.

If you plan to attend the holiday parties in the fall and winter, make sure you also bring items for the cold. Having coats, mittens, hats, blankets, and even scarves is essential once the sun goes down and you are waiting for the nighttime show.

Packing these items ahead is an easy way to avoid showing up at Disney unprepared for the elements.

portable chargers
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Having a Dead Phone

Ensuring you don’t have a dead phone in a Disney Park is another avoidable mistake. Now more than ever, phones are essential to a Walt Disney World experience. It is through their phones that Guests will access the My Disney Experience app. The app is crucial to a Disney trip as it is where Guests will see wait times, book Genie+, and place mobile orders.

Keep yourself and everyone with a phone charged throughout the day by bringing external batteries. From big to small chargers, there are styles for everyone. Toss these in your Disney Park bag each morning (after charging them overnight) and be ready for a full day of magic in the Park.

If you need to remember them, Disney sells FuelRods and some of their Disney Resorts throughout the Parks. Although these will be more expensive and won’t have as many charges in one sitting, it is another option.

Credit: Disney

What Is Genie+?

Don’t show up at Walt Disney World thinking you will just “figure it out” regarding Genie+. This paid feature allows you to skip the standby lines throughout the four Disney Parks. It is an excellent feature for many Guests but is also complicated to use.

Take time before your trip to get familiar with Genie+. Learn what it offers, how it works, and even what rides you should prioritize. Knowing this information will allow you to determine if Genie+ is suitable for you and ensure you get the most out of your investment.

We have some great posts on How to Disney to help you navigate Genie+ successfully. Use those to get you started.

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Don’t make the mistake of showing up at Walt Disney World hoping to figure out Genie+ on the go. This will leave you frustrated. Take time to do some research ahead of time.

My Disney Experience
My Disney Experience

My Disney Experience is Key

Very similar to the mistake of not learning about Genie+ is not taking the time to download My Disney Experience. This is Disney’s official app and what Guests will need throughout their vacation.

Before you head down, download the app and navigate your way around. There is a lot of information on the app for Guests that is extremely helpful but sometimes hard to find. Dig into where key features are located. Knowing how to see wait times and show times is vital for saving steps when touring the Parks.

Consider looking into mobile ordering so you know how to order before everyone is hungry on your first day. You can even discover where the nearest bathrooms are located around the Parks.

We love everything My Disney Experience provides us, but it took us a while to become familiar with it. Do the same before your trip.

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Sleepy Hollow, Magic Kingdom
Credit: WDW Magazine

Not Making a Food Plan

Don’t make the mistake of showing up at Walt Disney World thinking you will be able to wing your meals. Take time to think about what would work best for your family when dining at Walt Disney World. Do they prefer slower sit-down dinners, or would they prefer to eat on the go?

You must make dining reservations beforehand to eat at table service restaurants during your vacation. These can be booked starting 60 days before check-in.

As you begin to plan your 2024 Walt Disney World vacation, those are some significant mistakes you can avoid—plan and research to prepare you for a magical time at Walt Disney World.

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