7 Cast Members You Should Tip at Walt Disney World

Disney Resort Bellhop

7. Baggage handlers

As you begin and end your trip, several people are likely to handle your luggage.  My family and I usually park offsite at our local airport and take a parking service van over to the airport terminals.  If the driver loads/unloads your bags, consider tipping $1-2 per bag.  If you use curbside baggage drop-off at your airport, double that.  If you fly into Orlando International, you may use Disney’s Magical Express.  In most cases, Disney handles your luggage behind the scenes and gratuity is included, even if you’re present when it’s delivered.  If you choose to retrieve your own luggage and take it aboard Magical Express, tip the driver for loading and unloading it.  Same thing on the return.  If a CastMember assists you with your bags at your hotel, tip them. 


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