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6 Experiences You Can’t Miss In Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland

Peter Pan's Flight

Just beyond Cinderella’s iconic castle lies the amazing Fantasyland. The section has received an entirely new expansion, adding to the joyous experiences. From enchanted stories to far-off expeditions, this land continues to delight people of all ages. Here are six experiences you just cannot miss in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland.

6. Princess Fairytale Hall

Located just beside Prince Charming’s Carousel, Princess Fairytale Hall is where you can meet some of your favorite royal characters. Through the first queue, you will find the poised Princess Cinderella and adventurous Princess Rapunzel. During Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, you can find them with their true loves! When you travel into the next line, you will find the adorable Princess Anna and magical Queen Elsa. These Frozen sisters will surely warm your heart and adore taking pictures with you. Anna and Elsa tend to be extremely popular during the day, so you should only meet Rapunzel and Cinderella first. A great time to visit the Frozen sisters is during the first showing of the nighttime show “Celebrate the Magic.” As crowds gather around the castle, you can meet the Frozen sisters with a limited wait time. You can always catch the second showing of “Celebrate the Magic” later that night.

5. Enchanted Tales with Belle

Located in the newest expansion of Fantasyland, this attraction takes you back to the day Belle and Beast fell in love. Except this time, you may be part of the story! Madame Wardrobe needs guests to play characters like Maurice, Philippe, and the Beast himself. Once every role is assigned, you will all gather to surprise Belle, and then join her for a retelling of her enchanted story. Once the story is completely reenacted, Belle will have her royal Photopass photographer take pictures of her with all of her helpers.

4. Mickey’s Philharmagic

Using extraordinary 3D technology, Mickey’s Philharmagic whisks you away on a stellar journey alongside the mouse’s righthand duck, Donald. It is almost time to begin Mickey’s concert, but Donald has lost his buddy’s magic hat! This show sends you off with Donald as you race to find and return the sorcerer’s hat before showtime! Along the way, you will run into iconic characters like Ariel, Lumiere, Jasmine, and Simba. Each will accompany you with beloved and classical songs from their movies. Mickey’s Philharmagic also features sensational effects like fan blasts and aromatic emitters, allowing you to become fully immersed in the whimsical experience.

3. Peter Pan’s Flight

Think of a happy thought, and fly away with Peter and the gang! After boarding your own personal ship, you will take flight for Neverland. Be on the lookout for exciting cityscapes and beautiful horizons. Soar over mermaid lagoons and the Chief’s village. Watch out for the dreadful Captain Hook, and help Peter save the day!

2. Journey of the Little Mermaid

Situated within the New Fantasyland expansion, Journey of the Little Mermaid is your one way ticket under the sea. After boarding your own personal clam-mobile, you will venture alongside Ariel, Flounder, and even Sebastian, while Scuttle recounts their entire adventure. Fall in love with the story all over again, and sing along to classical songs from the award-winning musical film. Hold onto your voice as you journey passed the dreadful Ursula and her mischievous eels, Flotsam and Jetsam. Search for Prince Eric and help Ariel become part of his world on this swimsational attraction.

1. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Heigh-Ho! Heigh-Ho! It’s off to work you go! Snow White’s seven dwarves are off digging away in the mines and they need your help to find precious jewels. Hold on for a thrilling family roller coaster that sends you darting through the diamond caves. Once inside, your train will slow so you can listen and sing along to the classic song from the film. Keep your Disneyside showing throughout the ride, there are two secret pictures taken that will magically appear on your PhotoPass account. When onboard your mine train, be sure to rock from side to side, to produce an even more exciting ride, as your cart sways with the turns!

Fantasyland as a whole is a must do for your visit to the Magic Kingdom. Such iconic attractions have delighted guests for years and will continue to do so in the future. For an unforgettable, brilliant experience that celebrates Disney fairytales both old and new, the Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland is your ideal destination.

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