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5 Walt Disney World Rides to Skip and 5 Not To Miss

As you plan your Walt Disney World vacation, it is essential to list your top attractions. This can help you navigate Disney Parks more successfully. The four Disney Parks offer so much that seeing and doing everything is impossible.

To help you with your Walt Disney World planning, we have five rides that you should skip during your trip. We also have five rides that you should have on your must-ride list.

Let’s get ready to plan a magical trip to Walt Disney World.

Five Rides to Skip

We love to experience all things Disney, but sometimes there are experiences that we don’t enjoy as much as others. This might be because of motion sickness or because we like other Disney rides more. No matter the reasons, these are five rides we find ourselves skipping each time we visit Walt Disney World.

Mission Space
Credit: Disney
1. Mission Space: EPCOT

Found in EPCOT, Mission: Space is one we skip each vacation. We skip this ride each time because it makes us sick. Even though there are two versions: green or orange, we still struggle with becoming motion sick.

The simulated launch into outer space is enough to push us over the edge, and even if we don’t choose the version that spins, we still find ourselves unhappy after. Because of this feeling, we find ourselves skipping it each time.

We don’t want our whole day thrown off, so we skip Misson Space in EPCOT each trip.

Astro Orbiter, Tomorrowland
Credit: Resort Gals
2. Astro Orbiert- Magic Kingdom

The views from Astro Orbiter are some of the most breathtaking in Magic Kingdom; we often skip this ride during our trips. One of the things that we don’t like about this ride is how long it takes to get up to the ride. Guests have to ride an elevator up to the loading area. After enjoying the ride, they have the take the elevator back down. This can take a while and makes the whole ride experience even longer.

Because there are two other spinners in Magic Kingdom with Magic Carpets of Aladdin and Dumbo the Flying Elephant, we tend to ride these two rides instead of Astro Orbiter. Astro Orbiter is more intense than the other two rides. This can cause us some motion sickness we prefer to avoid during our trip.

Credit: Disney Tips
3. Na’vi River Journey: Disney’s Animal Kingdom

A ride in Disney’s Animal Kingdom that we skip each trip is the Na’vi River Journey. Unlike Mission Space and Astro Orbiter, which we skip due to motion sickness, Na’vi River Journey is one we skip because we don’t care to wait for the ride.

Not only have the Wait Times been longer than what we would prefer, but overall isn’t our favorite. It is beautiful, but the story is lacking and leaves us confused. We think the animatronic at the end is unbelievable, but we aren’t sure that a long wait is worth it. We prefer more of a thrill ride, and this Disney attraction is not thrilling, meaning it goes on our skip list.

Kali River Rapids
Credit: WDW Magazine

4. Kali River Rapids- Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Because we don’t enjoy being wet, we skip the Kali River Journey each trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, no matter how hot each day.

Because we prefer to avoid dripping wet throughout the Theme Park, we tend to skip out on this attraction. It can significantly relieve those hot and humid summer days, but we don’t care to get dumped on with water. This is one Theme Park ride that we are okay skipping.

Credit: Disney
5. Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind: ECPOT

A new ride we might be sitting out on each trip to Disney is Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. Although we hate that this is the case, the motion sickness this ride causes is not worth the experience for us.

This reverse-launch indoor coaster keeps Guests constantly in the action as it uses a new omnicoaster allowing Guests to rotate. This rotation, combined with the screens, makes Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind one ride experience that we sit out when visiting EPCOT.

Five Rides in Walt Disney World Not to Miss

It can be tricky to narrow this list to just five Disney rides because there are so many amazing experiences throughout the four Disney Parks. These five rides make Disney so magical as we think about our Disney trips.

Credit :Disney
1. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This Star Wars experience should be noticed during a Disney vacation. Even for those that aren’t huge fans of Star Wars, this experience is fantastic.

This ride is like never before as it puts Guests into the story as they help fight the First Order.  We are thrilled that we now have a few different ways to experience the ride by Standby or by purchasing an Individual Lightning Lane. Every time we ride, we see and experience something new, and for that reason, a trip to Walt Disney World isn’t complete without Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

Credit: Disney
2. Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Another ride in Disney’s Hollywood Studios we think shouldn’t be missed is Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. This ride is the first to feature Mickey Mouse and is fun for the whole family.

The story and visuals are outstanding, and we love how each time we ride, we discover something new. We love that the whole family can laugh and enjoy it together.

EPCOT Spaceship Earth
Credit: Disney
3. Spaceship Earth: EPCOT

It might not be the most exciting ride in Walt Disney World, but we love Spaceship Earth. It is fun to travel through time on this slow-moving ride.  Not only is the ride super relaxing, but it is fun to see how Disney tells the story of our history.  A Disney trip isn’t complete without a ride through time on Spaceship Earth.

Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom
Credit: William Drew Photography
4. Haunted Mansion: Magic Kingdom

In Magic Kingdom, we love to ride Haunted Mansion during our vacation. We often find ourselves riding it multiple times. This classic dark ride shows the true magic and creativity of Disney.

We love how the story begins before you even enter the mansion and continues throughout the ride with amazing scenes around every corner.  We look forward to experiencing a ride with the creepy haunts each vacation, making Haunted Mansion a must-do Disney ride.

Pirates of the Caribbean
Credit: Disney
5. Pirates of the Caribbean: Magic Kingdom

One of our favorite rides in Walt Disney World is Pirates of the Caribbean. This unique ride is what makes Disney so extraordinary. With a fantastic storyline, upbeat and memorable music, as well as s small drop, Pirates of the Caribbean is so much fun.

We love the combination of a boat ride and a dark ride to create one of the best rides in all of Walt Disney World. It wouldn’t be a trip to Disney without a ride on Pirates of the Caribbean.

There are so many fantastic rides in Walt Disney World that it can take time to narrow down what you should focus on experience during your trip. We hope that you will feel better when planning your trip to Disney by providing these five rides to skip and five not to miss.

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