5 Things We Love About Tony's Town Square Restaurant In The Magic Kingdom

Tony's Town Square Restaurant

5. It's an easy way to jump into a Disney mood.

Not everyone endeavors to make Disney a part of their everyday lives (astonishing, we know), and Tony's is the perfect segue for visitors! If you're traveling with one of the aforementioned companions, then begin your vacation by dining here. Your friend or family member will receive a strong but relatively subtle dose of classic Disney magic—via wonderful food, delightful Cast Members, and beautiful decor. They'll emerge from their meal full, satisfied, and eager to head further into the Magic Kingdom for more!  
There is a lot of fantastic food to be found in Walt Disney World; whether it's snacks, quick service, or sit-down meals, you're bound to find something that you want! However, if you prefer to have a plan before your trip, then Tony's Town Square Restaurant is definitely one to insert onto your reservation list. With a perfect setting—one that has universal appeal for all Disney ages—as well as amazing food, lovely customer service, a great location, and all of the romance, whimsy, and magic of Lady and Tramp's legendary date, this restaurant is absolutely a shoo-in. So pick your meal time, make your reservation, and loosen your belt; it's time for amore and some Disney magic!

Photo Credit: Disney

By Sharon


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