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20 Tips to Save you Time and Money at The Magic Kingdom

You’ve heard people say “time is money…” Well, this statement applies to the time and money you’ll invest in your trip to Disney. Being prepared is a key factor in making sure you squeeze every last drop of magic out of your trip to the most magical place on earth. Here are 20 great tips for saving you time and money at Magic Kingdom park.


20. mall Bags or No Bags

Skipping the bag check line completely by going bagless during your park day is a great way to save time at the park entrance and as you load onto each ride during the day.  If you cannot go bagless, bringing a small bag with only a few compartments is a good idea.  Have all the compartments unzipped and ready to be checked upon entrance to the park.

19. Bring Your Own Stroller/Scooter

If you decide to bring your own stroller or scooter to The Magic Kingdom you will eliminate the time it takes to rent one at the park gate. Sure, the rental process is pretty quick and seamless, but going straight into the park without the need to wait in a line is a perk of bringing your own.

18. Park Plan Before the Day

Speak to your party about the park plan before entering the park to cut down on dead time discussing what is next when you arrive at the park.  This will ensure that you can head straight to your first attraction after rope drop.

17. Reserve Fast Passes Before the Trip

If you complete all your fast passes during the park day you will be eligible to reserve additional. Fast passes on the mydisneyexperience app.  Certainly take the opportunity to snag those additional fast passes if you are able to.  Otherwise, try to do all your preliminary fastpass booking prior to your trip, to cut down on dead time in the park spent searching for fast passes and discussing the choices with the group.

16. Stack the Starbucks Coffee Order

Pool cash and make one Starbucks order on Main Street U.S.A. to avoid sticking around to wait for multiple orders.  Better yet, get coffee at your resort before the park day so you can be caffeinated and ready to go at rope drop without the need to juggle a coffee in line for rides.

15. Sort Out Ride Buddies

If there is a question of who is riding with whom in your travel party, get it sorted out in line to ensure you are ready to quickly boar the ride when you time comes.

14. Talk About Photos with the Kids

If you have little ones that are not always excited to pose for a photo, speak with them before the trip about using photopass photographers and posing at Disney World for family photos.  A willing and responsive group of kids is the key to snagging family photos on the go in The Magic Kingdom.

13. Hit High Traffic Rides First

If you enter the park at rope drop, dash straight to a high traffic ride that your family wants to ride to walk on fairly quickly.  If you ae headed to Frontierland, Splash Mountain or Pirates of the Caribbean is a good rope drop ride choice.  In the other direction, Space Mountain or Seven Dwarfs Mine Train are good ideas to ride.

12. Be Willing to Split Up

Sure, a family vacation means you want the family to experience attractions together.  However, in the interest of time you may want to consider dividing and conquering to ensure those in your party get to do their must do’s.

11. Consider Watching Parades from Frontierland

The evening parade runs from Main Street U.S.A toward Frontlierland.  Generally, Frontierland tends to be less crowded with guests watching the parade.  Enjoy attractions longer in the evening and still see the parade by arriving to watch the parade in Frontierland.

10. Synchronize Bathroom Breaks

This tip is not as over the top as it sounds.  I just mean make sure everyone in your party (children) take advantage of all bathroom breaks to cut down on extra stops throughout the day.


9. Share Meals

Dining at Disney does not mean that everyone in your group has to order an entrée.  Many Disney eateries offer portion sizes large enough to share.  Feel free to divide food between your group if you feel it better fits your appetite.

8. Bring Your Own Snacks

Doing Disney on a dime is possible by avoiding purchasing snacks and food in the parks.  Bring in your own snacks and sandwiches in an insulated bag to avoid purchasing meals in the park.

7. Never Buy a Drink

Guests that choose to use a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated instead of buying drinks in the park are amazed at the money they save.  At around five dollars per drink, a day of drinks in the park can add up quickly.  Multiply that number by the number of people in your travel group and your beverage costs for the day may equal a ticket price when the day is finished.

6. Buy Your Mouse Ears Before the Trip

If you are buying mouse ears or t-shirts to wear in the parks, consider purchasing them before the vacation online, or ordering customized options from Etsy or local stores.  Even if you end up purchasing the same Disney mouse ears online that you would have on Main Street U.S.A. you will save the time you would have spent shopping and will get more wear out of the products on your trip.

5. Bring Your Own Glow Sticks

If your kids are mesmerized by glow sticks and toys sold when the lights go out at The Magic Kingdom, bring glow sticks from home to entertain them and avoid purchasing light up toys.  If you have to buy a light sword or Tinkerbell spinner just be sure to bring it back on the next trip so children can enjoy them again.

4. Make Your Souvenir Money Count

Talk to your children about making souvenir money count and investing in one larger item that will be a reminder of the Disney vacation.  A more expensive item that is useful and valuable for your family is a great souvenir choice.

3. Make Your Dining Money Count

Explore dining prices to understand the best value for your travel group. Research may show that certain seating times of a table service restaurant are only a bit more expensive than a walk up meal, drink, and dessert for the whole group.

2. Consider Staying More Days

Though buying more park days obviously costs more, the price per day decreases when you buy multiple days in The Magic Kingdom.  The more days you purchase, the less you pay per day.

1. Budget for Souvenirs

When planning your trip, be sure to budget for souvenirs.  Too often, guests looking to save money underestimate the amount they will spend on food and souvenirs in the park.  Be realistic about the amount you will spend during your park day to avoid any surprises or sticker shock later.

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