15 Fun Facts About Disney’s Goofy

Mickey's Revue

14. Goofy’s Debut 

Goofy first premiered in the 1932 short, Mickey’s Revue. This first incarnation of Goofy, known then as Dippy Dawg was designed by Art Babbit and Frank Webb, and was depicted as a backwoods hick stereotype. His appearance was that of a much older dog with glasses, a vest, scruffy fur, and his now trademarked hat. Dippy Dawg had little in the way of dialogue, but would periodically interrupt the performance with his loud hyucking laughter. Not the most flattering design, this version was later redone as a much younger man and given attire similar to the Goofy we know today. Like Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto before him, Goofy has come a long way from his ink and paint origins.

Photo Credit: Disney


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