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10 Things You Should NEVER Do Standing In Line At Walt Disney World


It is another blazing day in the Florida sun. The heat is blaring down upon the Magic Kingdom, and you find yourself sweating bullets as your attempt to cool off on Splash Mountain has been turned into a two hour wait. As if the heat isn’t enough to frustrate you, you turn to see a guest beside you doing something irksome. Don’t fret, these guests are common. Here are the ten things you should NEVER do in line.

1. PDA

You and your sweetheart have decided to celebrate your relationship at Disney. Who wouldn’t? It is understandable to want to kiss and hold your loved one close. However, there is a difference between a couple of pecks and an all-out makeout session. No one, especially at a family park, wants to see you eat each other’s faces.

2. Play music

It happens. Guests will hold portable speakers or blast it on their phones to pass the time. Forget the courtesy of headphones. They want to make sure you hear every word of their latest mixtape.

3. Chain-hop

We have seen it time and time again. Guests tend to forget that every chain in a queue has a latch that can easily remove it. This is how cast members efficiently move to their next positions. One can simply unlink the chain, pass through, and close it once more. As easy as this sounds, you will be surprised as to how many guests will still hurdle over these chains, falling and stumbling into others in the process.

4. Be unprepared to scan your FastPasses

Cast members are attempting to cycle through as many guests as efficiently possible onto rides. Most, if not all attractions have two touchpoints for fast-passes. This is to ensure that someone has not cut in line at the halfway point. Be prepared to scan twice and always remember.

5. Forget Mickey to Mickey

It can become incredibly frustrating when you are held back by a single guest in line, scraping their magic band in every possible way that is not “Mickey to Mickey.” Relax. Take a deep breath, and simply touch the Mickey emblem on your band to the touchpoint.

6. Become the keeper of the cards

Not everyone has a magic band, and some guests believe it is more efficient for one of them to hold all of their party’s passcards. Rather than have each person scan individually, this keeper swipes each card against the touchpoint. This actually takes longer and disrupts the flow of the line. Let each person scan and keep stepping forward.

7. Hog the games

Many lines at Walt Disney World attractions have been fitted with an interactive queue. This can range from the honey-screens on Winnie the Pooh, to the videogames of Space Mountain. You can have all of the fun you want, but be sure to move onward when the line does. The ride awaits you, plus there are other guests who want to have just as much fun as you did.

8. Stop to examine every little detail

Disney queues are incredibly well-crafted. However, if you want to admire the scenery, be sure to step out of the way for those who would like to get on the ride as fast as possible. You can either hold up the line and or miss the opportunity to be boarded next. This works especially for rides like Mission Space, on which only forty guests can be accommodated at a time.

9. Have a disorganized party

Most attractions will ask how many people are in your party. Be sure to keep everyone together so you can board efficiently. If your party is split up and you want to ride with them, you will be asked to step to the side until they catch up. For larger groups, have the number in your party ready for the cast member to best accommodate all of you.

10 Heckle the cast members

It’s a long, gruelingly hot day in the park. The setting makes it very easy to become frustrated and grouchy. As much as you feel like Grumpy himself, please do not take it out on the cast member. Whether they are a college intern, part-time, or full-time worker, they are typically not the cause of the ride’s downtime. Please do not order, insult, or threaten them to fix the ride or get a line moving. Sadly, this is all too common. Cast members are people too.

You can still have plenty of fun on line for a Disney attraction. With these tips, you will become a master of the queues and best enjoy your park experience.

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Michael J.

Michael is a former Disney cast member, online novelist, and aspiring author. He hopes to return to Walt Disney World and become an Imagineer on the writing team. He currently resides in Naples, Florida.

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