10 Things You Aren’t Allowed To Take Into Walt Disney World Parks

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In an effort to keep everyone safe and happy in the place where dreams come true, Disney must prohibit certain items from the parks. Most of these items are pretty common-sense, but it’s worth taking a peek at these big no-no items before you pack your park bag.

10. Weapons – Pretty obvious. Guns, knives, nunchucks, and the like do not belong at Disney. But what may be less-obvious is that this rule includes things that LOOK like real weapons. Disney security is just looking out for everyone’s safety, so I’m sure that making them do double-takes at play weapons is not what anyone wants. Yes, play weapons are sold inside the parks, but they (probably very intentionally) don’t look like the real thing.

9. Alcohol – No guest is allowed to bring alcohol into the parks, though if you desire an adult beverage they are served responsibly inside. In addition, glass containers of any kind (except baby food) are prohibited because of potential breakage. Plastic or aluminum water bottles are fine though.

8. Wagons – This one is note-worthy because I know some parents prefer wagons over strollers. However, it’s necessary to opt for the stroller at Disney, presumably because they don’t want people tripping over wagon handles. Also skates (including shoe-skates), skateboards, and scooters – though seemingly convenient – present hazards, and are therefore banned. (This of course doesn’t include typical electric scooters needed for mobility.)

7. Folding Chairs – It might seem relaxing to bring your own chairs, especially for parades, but they are not allowed. Plan ahead though, and you can find some prime seating on the route.

6. Big Coolers – Backpacks, suitcases and coolers cannot exceed 24″x15″x18″. Who wants to lug around anything bigger than that anyways? Smaller coolers are totally fine though. We often pack lunch for six in our soft cooler without any problem.

5. Masks – Sure it’s fun to dress up at Disney! But before choosing your ensemble, remember masks aren’t allowed for adults at all, and children who wear masks must have eyes uncovered enough to have full peripheral views. Again, Disney is just looking out for safety and security, and doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. Masks needed for health reasons are acceptable, of course.

4. Pets – As magical as it may seem to bring your furry friends, they must stay at home or go to the kennel. Best Friends Pet Care is a wonderful on-property kennel though (located by Port Orleans), with activities that range from playgroup to bedtime stories. VIP packages even include flat screen TVs and milk and cookies! Service animals are the exception, of course, and are welcome in the parks.

3. Balloons – Actually, this one is only prohibited in Animal Kingdom. For the safety of the animals, no balloons, straws, or disposable cup tops are allowed in the Animal Kingdom. They don’t sell them inside either, so you may want to bring your own container to pour drinks into if you (or your kids) prefer tops.

2. Business Cards – No printed or recorded promotional material can be handed out inside Disney World. So leave your business cards and other promos at home. You’re on vacation, after all. 🙂

1. Selfie Sticks – This is the latest and most talked-about addition to the prohibited items list. Selfie sticks may be all the rage, but they have proven hazardous at Disney and are no longer allowed. From what I’ve heard, there were incidents of people losing control of their selfie sticks on roller coasters and hurting people behind them. No one wants that! So now security officers will confiscate selfie sticks if you try to bring them in, and you’ll have to pick them up at guest services before exiting.

There you have it – the items you cannot bring to Walt Disney World Parks. But for our suggestions of what you SHOULD bring on your park days, visit our article here.

Have fun and stay safe! For a complete list of Disney World Resort Rules, visit Disney’s Website.

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