10 Reasons Why You’ll Love Dining At Boma In Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney veterans consistently mention Boma as a restaurant favorite at Walt Disney World. There are so many factors that keep Boma guests coming back for more. Delicious food, African ambiance and a great location are just a few of the many reasons Boma needs to be on your Disney dining list for your next vacation. In this article we count down the top ten reasons why you will love dining at Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

1. A Taste of African Culture At Walt Disney World.

Boma offers guests the incredible opportunity to sample cuisine and culture that they may otherwise never encounter on a restaurant menu in the real world. Modeled after an African marketplace, Boma transports guests to Africa through cuisine, music and architecture. Guests dine under thatched roofs and hanging tapestries as they fill their plates with food from an all you can eat buffet. This restaurant is a crowd pleaser for all ages.

2. Explore Different Cuisine at Your Own Pace.

Because Boma offers an array of food on the buffet, guests can feel confident booking the restaurant knowing they will find food with which they are familiar on the buffet. Guests of all ages will enjoy tasting African cuisine at their own pace as they enjoy favorites like mashed potatoes, roast beef, macaroni and cheese and steamed vegetables alongside African cuisine like hummus, smoked meats, exotic salads and savory soups.

3. View Animals At Animal Kingdom Lodge Before The Meal.

Walt Disney World guests that are not staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge or dining there do not often have the opportunity to experience the beauty of the resort. As you probably already know, Animal Kingdom Lodge is home to some pretty incredible wildlife like giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, cranes and many other species. Observation decks overlooking the savanna allow guests the opportunity to linger and enjoy these beautiful creatures as long as they wish. Animal specialists are on hand to speak with guests about the creatures and answer questions. Spending time on the observation deck viewing the animals prior to a reservation at Boma is an incredible way to kick off your evening.

4. Start The Meal With Fresh Salads and Creamy Butternut Squash Soup.

Boma’s butternut squash soup is one of the most famous dishes at the restaurant. Sampling this soup topped my “must eat” list when the waitress recommended it as her personal favorite dish at the restaurant. This creamy and savory soup merges the flavor of squash with crisp spices. While there are several delicious soups on the menu available to enjoy at Boma, no trip to the restaurant is complete without a bowl of butternut squash soup. The African chicken salad topped generously with feta cheese was my favorite salad option at Boma. The fresh salads that line the buffet will have guests returning to the buffet for a second and third “first course”.

5. Enjoy a Hearty Carving Station.

No Disney buffet is complete without a fresh and juicy carving station. Roast beef, roast turkey and Durban style roast chicken is available for guests to enjoy alongside entrées like roasted salmon, pork ribs and spice crusted beef sirloin. The delicious carving station is always putting out fresh, hot delicious meat for guests to enjoy and serving them up with an array of side sauces that perfectly compliment the meat.

6. Indulge In A Hummus Bar.

The hummus bar was one of my personal favorites at Boma. Fresh rolls and pita bread and the famous Mealie bread that resembles a corn muffin is available for guests to enjoy alongside an array of hummus that includes sundried tomato, black olive and white bean hummus. Sun dried tomato hummus slathered on pita bread was my personal favorite offering at the hummus bar.

7. Sample Zebra Domes On The Dessert Bar.

Boma guests could make a meal of the desserts alone. Brownies, apple cobbler and bread pudding topped with vanilla or rum sauce are delicious dessert options at the buffet alongside numerous other desserts. Adorable zebra domes are among the dessert offerings available for guests to enjoy at Boma. These creamy white mousse zebra domes are infused with Amarula liqueur and striped with dark chocolate. This light dessert tops my personal Walt Disney World dessert list and is among my favorite foods on the Boma buffet.

8. Reload On Caffeine With A French Pressed Kenyan Coffee.

Achieving you caffeine fix before heading back to the parks for extra magic hours is easy and delicious with the incredible Kenyan coffee available at Boma. Sharing a French press of delicious coffee is the perfect way to conclude a meal alongside a delicious zebra dome. French press pots are large enough for several guests to share.

9. Celebrate Your Birthday Serenaded By African Drums.

Traditional birthday serenades are replaced with a more exciting fit at Boma. Servers march through the restaurant playing African drums as they approach the table of those celebrating to sing happy birthday. Children and adults alike were delight in seeing the drums cross the restaurant to lead the celebration.

10. Relax Fireside After Your Meal.

No evening at Boma is complete without taking the time to relax fireside after your meal. A large indoor fire pit is located on the second floor of the resort as well as an outdoor fire pit that simulates fire pits of the savanna. These huge fire pits have comfortable seating surrounding them for around a dozen guests. The serenity and beauty of the glowing fire pits may make guests reconsider their evening plans and linger a bit longer to enjoy the ambiance of Animal Kingdom Lodge.

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