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10 Most Beautiful Sights in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom


The Magic Kingdom is perhaps the most beautiful man-made place on earth. (Granted, I am a Disney Fanatic, so I’m a little biased.) Sadly, sometimes its splendor gets lost in the rush of rides and the heat of crowds. Journey with me to these places in your mind’s eye and remember the wonder of views there. And if you’ve never seen these sights, definitely make them a pause-point on your next Disney trip…

10. Cinderella’s Castle – Without a doubt, a glimpse of the iconic castle is enough to take a Disney Fanatic’s breath away. The castle is the symbol of the entire Kingdom – a kingdom that people worldwide make pilgrimages to behold. For an excellent photo, try mounting the stairs of the train station and gazing down Main Street. And don’t forget to do it again when the sun goes down…simply stunning. Check out 19 Impressive Facts About Cinderella’s Castle At Disney World.

9. The Quiet Paths – Finding out-of-the-way places in the Magic Kingdom is one of my favorite things to do. Walt and his imagineers left no area untouched, and I admire the attention to detail they have, even in areas that the crowds pass by. Have you wandered down the alleys off of Main Street? What about the path behind the Tomorrowland Speedway? Perhaps there’s a beauty just in the relative solitude.

8. Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse – The Treehouse is one of Adventureland’s best kept secrets, in my opinion. The attraction itself is delightful, with new discoveries to be made each time you make the trek up. But the view from the top is definitely worth the climb! Granted, all views are somewhat obstructed because of the tree, but that adds to the primitive charm.

7. The Crystal Palace – The entrance to the Crystal palace is somewhat humble, blending seamlessly into the surroundings. But inside you are greeted with grandeur. The glass dome allows natural light to cascade perfectly on the delicate ironwork and columns. It’s a picturesque backdrop that adds elegance to the memories of a character meal.

6. The Parades – All the parades in the Magic Kingdom are a top notch delight. If you can, I’d recommend viewing them all simply for the larger-than-life views of the characters on their floats. While it’s not the same as meeting them, there is a different beauty in seeing Peter on top of the giant pirate ship or Mickey in his huge hot air balloon. Marvelously magical!

5. Wishes – It’s quite possible that Disney does the best fireworks displays on earth. Synchronized and symmetrical, there is a photo op every second! With new viewing areas in the gardens, Wishes is truly a feast for the eyes.

4. The Astro Orbiter – Soaring in a rocket makes for a stellar view! Because this ride is so high, you’re able to see really far. Try taking a video while you make a rotation of two; you’ll catch some amazing scenery as well as the laughter of your family members. My favorite time to ride is right at sunset.

3. The Quiet Shops – The Main Street shops are full of hustle and bustle, which has a magic of its own. But the quiet shops scattered around the park beckon me…and not just for purchases. In places like Ye Old Christmas Shoppe, there’s a quaint beauty that instantly pulls you out of the crowds and makes you feel like you’re in a little village market. One of my favorites is the Frontierland’s Briar Patch.

2. The Queues – I realize this is an odd choice to find loveliness, but a lot of the queues in Magic Kingdom are simply fascinating. Not only have the imagineers done an excellent job making them more interactive, but they have also used the queue to help transport the guests to the world of certain characters. Winnie the Pooh’s queue makes you feel like you’ve been invited to the Hundred Acre Woods, while Splash Mountain’s queue brings you deeper and deeper into Brer Woods.

1. The Smiles – Perhaps the most gorgeous view in all of Magic Kingdom is right next to you. When I see the humongous smiles on the faces of my loved ones, it brings tears to my eyes. Even the castle can’t compare to beholding Disney magic through their eyes. I don’t need a camera for those moments…the memory of them will last me forever.

What do you find stunning in the Magic Kingdom? What places draw you in with their beauty?

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