Have You Been Missing These 8 Phenomenal Desserts At Magic Kingdom?

Cinnamon Roll

If you’ve got a sweet tooth like I do, then Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom certainly has what it takes to satisfy those sugary cravings. Here are eight marvelous desserts to make your Magic Kingdom visit extra sweet…

8. Waffle Sandwich – Have you tried the chocolatey, fluffy goodness of the waffle sandwich? At Sleepy Hollow, located in Liberty Square close to Cinderella’s Castle, you can find a handful of different varieties to order. The warm waffle will be handed to you looking sorta like a taco, stuffed with nutella and fruit (or whatever options you choose). And “waffle” is part of the name, so it TOTALLY counts as breakfast.

7. Mickey’s Kitchen Sink – At the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street USA, you’ll find delicious Edy’s hand-dipped ice cream in an array of flavors. The scoops or sundaes are great, but for an over-the-top treat, the Parlor offers the amazing “Mickey’s Kitchen Sink”. As the name implies, it’s pretty much a collaboration of everything: strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice cream, a bunch of sauces, whipped cream, chips, and of course, cherries on top. It even comes in an adorable little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse sink. With that much going on, it’s a sharable treat for sure.

6. Cinnamon Roll – There’s nothing like a warm cinnamon roll. Gaston’s Tavern serves up a huge gooey cinnamon roll that can’t be topped. Pair it with LeFou’s brew, their signature non-alcoholic drink for ultimate sweet snack-time indulgence. No…one…bakes like Gaston’s…

5. Chocolate Cake – Sure you’ve had chocolate cake before, but this cake is from a castle. If it’s fit for a princess, it’s gotta be amazing. The flourless chocolate cake at Cinderella’s Royal Table is like a super-dense, super-rich, super-chocolatey brownie (that’s really super). As if that weren’t enough, it’s paired with a white chocolate custard that perfectly balances the cake’s richness with a light texture and subtle flavor.

4. Pistachio Creme Brûlée – At Tony’s Town Square Restaurant you can order a wonderful twist on traditional creme brûlée. Tony’s version is pistachio which not only gives it a nice green color, but also lends it a woodsy, nutty taste. The flavor is unique and sweet without being too decadent. You can also find this dessert as one of the offerings at the Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert.

3. Grey Stuff – “Try the grey stuff; it’s delicious! Don’t believe me? Ask the dishes!” At Fantasyland’s famous Be Our Guest Restaurant, you can try the grey stuff in a couple different forms depending on when you dine. In my opinion, if you eat in such an iconic setting it calls for an equally iconic dessert. You won’t find the grey stuff anywhere else, after all. And while some say its taste is just so-so, I think you can’t argue with a talking candlestick. Just try it.

2. Mocha Float – Stop by Auntie Gravity’s in Tomorrowland for a sweet caffeinated cool-down. I’m an iced coffee fanatic, so this dessert-drink just takes my addiction to the next level with the addition of soft-serve ice cream. Mmmmm.

1. Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake – Topping the charts is Liberty Tree Tavern’s Ooey Gooey Toffee cake. Y’all. The name says it all. This monstrous dessert is rich, warm, creamy, crunchy, chocolatey…basically every positive dessert description you can think of piled high and spilling over. After the family-style meal you may want to split this. Or not. It’s the grand finale for sure.

So there’s eight sugary show-stoppers. What is your favorite Magic Kingdom dessert? Indulge!

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