10 Fan-Favorite Resorts Around Disney World Resort

Wilderness Lodge Disney World Resort lobby

Deluxe Resorts

As the name suggests, Deluxe Resorts are home to the best traditional hotel rooms Disney has to offer. All of these resorts are excellent, and picking favorites is no easy feat.

1. Animal Kingdom Lodge

Incredible dining, gorgeous theming, and an amazing view of the savanna are what land Animal Kingdom Lodge on this list. This is a seriously awesome hotel, especially for animal lovers. Best of all, it has one of the lowest price points of any Deluxe Resort, meaning it's accessible to a good number of Disney visitors.

2. Polynesian Village Resort

A Disney World classic, the Polynesian Resort has an immersive and unique vibe that could only be created by Disney. The rooms, food, and pool are all incredibly well themed, meaning you'll feel as though you've actually landed on a Polynesian island.

This hotel is also home to the well loved ‘Ohana restaurant, meaning getting a good meal is easy. Finally, the Polynesian’s location on the monorail loop is just perfect for Magic Kingdom fans.

3. Beach Club Resort

If you're looking for the very best pool on Disney property, Beach Club Resort is for you. The hotel’s Storm-Along Bay is a three-acre watery wonderland complete with a lazy river, a water slide, and a poolside bar. Best of all, the bottom of each body of water is sandy, meaning you actually feel as though you're at the beach.

Beach Club is a mere 10-minute walk from Epcot, the dining options are wonderful, and its list of amenities is too long to include here.

4. Wilderness Lodge

Another completely immersive environment, Wilderness Lodge does things up in true Disney style. The grounds include a geyser that actually erupts every hour, as well as bubbling hot spring that begins in the hotel lobby and winds its way outdoors, ending in a gorgeous waterfall. Going for a walk outside gives you the feeling of actually being in a Wilderness retreat, something that is hard to accomplish in the middle of a bustling tourist destination.

Whispering Canyon Cafe is one of the onsite dining options and is a ton of fun. The boat ride to Magic Kingdom is convenient and exciting, and the theming throughout the building is spot on.


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