Your Ultimate Disney Itinerary for Magic Kingdom

1. Happily Ever After Fireworks Extravaganza—(9:15PM) nightly

The area you are now in, the backside of Cinderella’s Castle in Fantasyland is the best place to watch this brilliant display of lasers, lights, colorful projections, and breathtaking fireworks.  A beautiful story is told with includes all of these

elements, including heartwarming musical tunes that uplift spirits and bring joy to all. 

There you have it—My version of an ultimate Magic Kingdom itinerary.  After your last Fast Pass and after the final Fireworks show, your last few hours at the Magic Kingdom are by far, the most memorable.  The crowds are thinning and lights are twinkling, and the real essence of this “most magical place on earth” is at its peak.  Take in some of the rides and attractions that you missed earlier because of long wait times.  Plan your itinerary so that you are not traveling from this land to that land and back again.  Try to reserve your Fast Passes in one area, if you can.  In between the rides and attractions, take some time to check out all the shops, especially those on Main Street.  Use the Magic Kingdom Railroad to get from one land to the next.  Be creative, and enjoy every minute of your special day at the Magic Kingdom.

By Cecilia


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