Top Tips For Making Your Holiday Travel Less Stressful

As we enter one of the busiest times of the year for travel, we want to pass along some tips to help make your travel less stressful. This help set yourself up for less stress and more enjoyment. We have some travel tips.

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Arrive Early

When it comes to traveling during the holidays, make sure that you plan extra time for everything. Start by heading to the airport early. You want plenty of time to navigate the crowds, check your luggage, pass through security, and be at your gate.

Assume that all these steps will take longer than usual. Most large airports suggest arriving during the holiday season three hours before a flight. By allowing this extra time, you will be setting yourself up for a less stressful experience.

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Be Connected

When traveling, make sure that you have ways of staying connected with your airline and other travel companies, such as Walt Disney World that you are working with. Take time to download the apps for both the airline you are flying as well as the app for the airport you are flying in and out of.

Travel cancelations and delays can happen, and having the apps will keep you up-to-date on those that might impact your plans. Orlando International Airport’s app allows you to check information such as security wait times and navigate the airport. It is a great help when traveling.

When you have downloaded the apps, ensure your notifications are set to receive updates. This way, if changes happen to your flight, your gate, or anything else, you will be able to be notified quickly and easily.

Having the My Disney Experience app downloaded will also allow you to get notifications from World Disney World. Also, if you are working with other companies, such as private transportation companies, to get you to and from the airport or companies that might deliver groceries, make sure you have all the contact information on hand. Doing this will allow you to stay connected if anything changes.

Be Educated

Take time before you travel to look at and understand all the rules and regulations that are out there. Start by heading to the TSA website to learn about travel requirements. Before packing, know what you can and can’t bring with you on the plane.

We also recommend considering what you will need to remove from your carry-on when going through security. Thinking this through as you pack will be more productive. Having your laptop easy to access and your liquids quick to grab will be helpful.

Taking time to look through expectations will help you feel less stressed when moving through the airport.

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Think About TSA Pre Check

Another way that you can lower your stress when traveling during busier times is TSA Pre-Check. Having this will allow you to pass through security unique security lines. There is a cost and a process that goes into this, so you’ll need to plan.

This is an excellent benefit that can help reduce stress while traveling. Not only do you have short security lines, but you also don’t have to remove shoes or items such as liquids from your carry-on.

If you like to travel, TSA Pre-Check can be a huge benefit.

Be Patient

With the holidays, so many people will travel simultaneously as you. Expect to have long lines for everything as you arrive at the airport. There will be long lines for luggage check-in, security, food lines, and everything in between.

Know this and be patient as you arrive. Plan for those longer times, so you are prepared and not feeling stressed. Take steps to reduce your stress. Have something to eat, have your coffee or pop and be ready to be patient.

Consider Direct

When traveling during the holidays, consider booking direct flights. With winter weather arriving, having those direct flights can help prevent stress. With a direct flight, there are fewer chances of delays and cancelations causing travel disruptions.

Even if those direct flights are more expensive, spending extra money can sometimes help lower stress.

Prepare Your Phone

To help keep yourself calm, prepare your phone for travels. Start by making sure that your phone is charged. Have those portable chargers ready as well. You will want to ensure all your electronics stay charged throughout your travel time. This will be a lifesaver for little ones (or teenagers).

Make sure that everyone has their favorite shows and music downloaded. This is important for when your phones need to be on airplane mode. You won’t wait to download your shows until you are at the airport.

Be Kind

Finally, be kind to your fellow travelers and those working on getting you to your destination safely. By being kind to those around you, you will feel less stressed. Everyone is trying to enjoy their vacation and have a good holiday. By putting kindness out there, you can help make this a good experience for others.

Also, keep in mind that the workers are trying their best. Be kind to all who are trying to make your vacation successful.

Traveling during the holidays can be highly stressful. A lot of anticipation goes into travel, and adding the holiday season with it can be a lot of extra stress. Take some time before traveling to set yourself up for success.

Use these tips so you can be set up for a less stressful experience. Preparing ahead of time can prepare you for a great experience.

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