Top 20 Things to See and Do At Disney's Magic Kingdom Park

Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe

9. Specialty shopping

Memento Mori isn’t the only unique shopping experience to be had. The Magic Kingdom features a whole host of specialty stores, each boasting a great wealth of one-of-a-kind goods and signature offerings. From personalized Mickey Mouse Ears, themed apparel, and novelty plush and toys to house and kitchenware, jewelry, fine art, glassware, specialty ornaments, and décor, you’ll find just about anything and everything Disney to boot. Some of the top favorite shopping venues to check out here include, but are in no way limited to: The Emporium, Art of Disney, Uptown Jewelers, Crystal Arts, The Chapeau, Big Top Souvenirs, Plaza del Sol Caribe Bazaar, Mickey’s Star Traders, and Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe.


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