Top 10 Rides at Magic Kingdom Park


2.  Pirates of the Caribbean (Adventureland)

“Yoho yoho, a pirate’s life for me”.  On this boat ride, guests are transported back in time when pirates ruled the Caribbean, including a special appearance by Capt. Jack Sparrow.  You will be immersed in guns blazing and cannons firing in a battle between a Caribbean fort and a 12-gun galleon with Captain Barbossa at the helm.  Enter a small village which is being plundered by a bunch of swahsbuckling pirates.  The audio animatronic pirates, especially Jack Sparrow, and villagers plus the special effects are outstanding.  There are a couple of drops, but nothing too dramatic.  As most people know, this famous attraction has spawned four “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies and a whole host of collectibles, clothing, hats, purses, kitchen accessories, etc.  This is one of those Walt Disney “favorites” that you don’t want to miss.  Fast Passes are available.


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