Top 10 Places to Cool off in Magic Kingdom on a Smokin’ Hot Day

Casey Jr Splash Soak

1. Caseys Jr's Splash And Soak

There’s no better way to cool down in Central Florida than to be in the water. That’s why Floridians are so crazy about pools and splash pads! Casey’s Jr., the circus themed splash pad located near Dumbo, provides the absolute best way to cool off on a smokin’ hot day in the Magic Kingdom. Take a quick jog through the squirting water, or linger a while to get really soaked. (Mom tip: you may want to bring a swimsuit or change of clothes for kids, since “a quick jog through” is not in their vocabulary.) 

Yes, it definitely gets hot in Walt Disney World, but even on the hottest day, you can take advantage of these ten places to cool down. Also, remember that counter service restaurants will always give you cups of ice water for free to refill your water bottles. Some even set up hydration stations outside the establishment so you don’t have to wait in the ordering line! Stay cool, Disney Fanatics!

By Melissa


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