Tim Allen Shocks Fans With Recent Statement

For more than 30 years, veteran actor and Home Improvement star Tim Allen has been a huge part of the Disney family. In addition to Home Improvement, Allen has starred as Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story franchise and as Scott Calvin in The Santa Clause franchise. He has recently reprised the role of Santa in the new Disney+ series, The Santa Clauses. He also starred in the 2006 Disney remake of The Shaggy Dog.

Allen was made a Disney Legend in 1999.

Tim Allen 'Toy Story' ideas
Credit: Disney

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While he is known for his acting, he is also almost as well known for his controversial opinions and actions. In 1978, Allen was arrested and went to prison when he was caught trafficking more than one pound of cocaine. Then, in 1998, Allen was arrested for driving under the influence. He was given probation and required to enter an alcohol treatment program.

Home Improvement Tim Allen
Credit: ABC

Allen has always been an outspoken Republican, and, in recent years, has attacked President Joe Biden and “wokeness.” His views on “wokeness” can even be seen in The Santa Clauses, when his character makes a comment about how saying “Merry Christmas” is problematic. He also said that he liked the fact that former President Donald Trump “pissed people off” with the offensive things the former President said.

Allen In Hot Water AGAIN

Now, Allen has people angry for a whole new reason. The actor recently said that animals were not capable of love. Social media was quickly flooded with people calling the actor out for his seemingly obvious wrong statement.

Per Tim Allen, animals aren’t capable of love…so, what does it mean when a dog licks you? Or for example, a man goes hiking with his dog, he has an accident and dies. When the rescuers finally found him a month later, the dog was still there by his owner’s side…

Some pointed out that just because animals might not know what love is called, that doesn’t mean that they don’t feel it.

re: Tim Allen

Animals cannot conceptualize what love *IS*, because like all emotions it is a construct humans have built around something to better comprehend it.

That doesn’t mean they can’t FEEL it, jackass. Just like they feel fear and anger. Understand it? No. Feel?

And a lot of commenters made sure to share that it wasn’t just dogs and cats that can feel love. They shared videos of other types of animals showing affection to their owners.

Tim Allen just should stick to acting. Itty the raccoon consoling small human after watching mom do it. Small human was upset (not known why). #FluffOffTimAllen  

Animals and Emotions

Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible for humans to know if animals actually do love people, since animals do not yet have collars like the ones in the Disney/Pixar movie UP, which allows them to speak. However, many studies have been conducted to take a deeper look into animals and their emotional responses to their owners.

Dug, Russell, Carl, and Kevin Disney/Pixar UP
Credit: Disney/Pixar

Most of the studies were conducted on dogs, and showed that “man’s best friend” is indeed capable of a deep emotional connection. According to Psychology Today:

There is one thing we do know: Your dog or cat doesn’t regard you merely as a food dispenser. Pets as well as zoo animals form strong attachments to their caregivers. As attachment is a form of love, animals are indeed capable of loving their caregivers.

Dogs have been reported to love their masters so deeply that they mourn their death for many years. Such was the case of Greyfriars Bobby, a Skye terrier in Edinburgh, Scotland. He served as Constable John Gray’s companion, until Gray’s death in 1858. After Gray’s funeral, Bobby was spotted sitting on top of his master’s grave in Greyfriars Kirkyard. The loyal police hound is reported to have spent every night at his master’s grave until his death fourteen years later.

Greyfriars Bobby
Credit: The Scotsman

There have also been videos of wild animals — like lions and chimpanzees — running up and hugging the people who raised them before they were released back into the wild.


Chimp has an emotional reunion with the caretakers who saved him as a baby. 🥺 #chimpanzee #heartwarming #reunion (credit: @togethxr)

♬ ghost town (voice memo) – Chloe George

At this time, it is being debated whether Allen made the statement, or a character he played made the statement. However, as seen with The Santa Clauses, it is completely possible for Allen to sneak his personal opinion into a character that he is portraying. Allen has not yet made a statement on the controversy that is taking over social media.

Do you think animals are capable of love? Let us know in the comments!

This post is originally appeared on Disney Fanatic.

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