The Right Way To Tackle Walt Disney World When You're Short On Time


4. Be Mindful of Mobility

If you're going to try and cram a lot of Disney fun into a short time, make sure everyone in your party can keep up. This might mean a stroller for younger kids or a mobility scooter or wheelchair for adults with mobility or stamina issues. The Disney Parks are big and involve a lot of walking, and if you want to get a lot in in a short time you want to maximize your ability to move. It might seem like no big deal to carry a baby or toddler, but in the hot Florida summer it can be really exhausting. A stroller can be parked for much of the day and only used when your little ones tire out. The same is true of mobility scooters and wheelchairs; you don't have to use them all the time, but it's nice to have one available if you need it.


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