The Force Awakens At Hollywood Studios - Top 10 Star Wars Experiences You Can't Miss!

9. Path of the Jedi

So maybe it’s been a few years since you watched the Star Wars films. Or maybe <gasp> you’ve NEVER seen them. It’s ok, there’s a way to get caught up so you understand what’s going on with all of this Star Wars stuff. Path of the Jedi is a ten-minute film that summarizes the epic movie saga. Yes, it crams over 12 hours of movie into 10 minutes, but it’ll give you a basic understanding of what’s happening, or give fans a look back at their favorite scenes. But SPOILER ALERT, Path of the Jedi gives away some of the biggest surprises in the Star Wars story, so it’s best to skip it if you’re planning to watch the movies in the future.  Photo credit Disney



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