The Best and Worst Times to Visit Magic Kingdom During the Week

5. Holidays

It’s to be expected that holidays will be busy at Magic Kingdom. Whether it’s Easter, the Fourth of July, Christmas or New Year’s Eve, Magic Kingdom seems to be the park that most people want to spend a holiday in. Wait times tend to soar on holidays so if you’re trying to avoid crowds, you may not want to make Magic Kingdom your destination for the day. The other parks will be busy, but not as busy as Magic Kingdom.

4. Spring Break

Spring break will always be, in my mind, one of the worst times to visit Walt Disney World in general, but specifically Magic Kingdom. Wait times exceed over 100 minutes for many attractions and attractions that tend to see lower wait times have wait times around 30-50 minutes because of how busy it is in the park. The spring break season starts around mid march and continues through April, with the week of Easter being one of the busiest all year long.


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