The 10 Best Places to Watch Magic Kingdom Fireworks!

Main St. USA Fireworks

10. Main Street, U.S.A.

The quintessential viewing spot – seeing any of the fireworks shows from the Hub or Main Street, U.S.A is how the shows were designed.  Beautiful fireworks in the background to Cinderella Castle.  Depending on where you are position, you can get some delicious treats from Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, Casey’s Corner, or the Confectionary.  The only drawback is the large number of people you will have to battle to find your ideal viewing spot.

Fireworks are the proper ending to any day in the Magic Kingdom.  While Main Street, U.S.A may be the preferred viewing locations, there are many more places to watch the show from.  Try one of these alternate locations on your next trip – we are sure you’ll love it!

By Tyler


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