Pros and Cons of Disney World Resort Transportation

bus and monorail


16. Buses often full

Some resorts have multiple bus stops or even share with nearby resorts.  Because of that, your bus may be crowded or even full, causing you to have to wait longer. 

17. Crowded at end of day

After the parade and fireworks at the Magic Kingdom, the buses, boats and monorails are really crowded!  Waiting in a crowd of sweaty strangers is no fun!  The same thing happens after Illuminations at Epcot. 

18. May have to stand

Disney bus drivers are instructed to “pack the bus”!  It is likely you will have to stand, especially at the end of the day. 

19. Monorail odor

The Disney monorail has a distinct odor and it isn’t pleasant! 

20. Cars are faster

Excluding the Magic Kingdom, driving your own car is almost always faster than Disney transportation. 

By Jimmie


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